Monday, March 28, 2011


I keep taking long-weekend from blogging for some funny reason. Let me back-up a few days...

So on Friday after washing the kitchen window and scrubbing out the microwave we finally changed the sheets - whaddaya think? They're the new ones that I was sewing and sewing for ages! I still have to put the decorative buttons onto the rest of the pillowcases but they're functional for now. Aren't they nice? We think so!
Shabbos started nice and quiet. Our guests Friday night were a lot of fun and it was quite an entertaining night. The homemade pickles were a success, the soup was delicious, the boys played Settlers, we had a Dr. Seuss read-aloud-athon, Toffee & Co. made an appearance... All in all 2 enthusiastic thumbs way way up.
Shabbos day was quiet and relaxing. I didn't plan on napping but I fell asleep on the couch and before I knew it 4 hours had passed and Shabbos was just about over.

We didn't do anything interesting Motzei Shabbos because we couldn't agree on a movie. Also, weirdly enough, my cell phone kept ringing. Nobody ever calls me - but for some reason on Saturday night I was extremely popular. We wound up going to sleep quite late on account of the afternoon-napping and I figured I'd sleep late.
No dice. I was up by 7:30. (I guess 7:30 is still preferable to the old 6:30 wake-up time. And in just a few days 7:30 will be 8:30 again - so I guess it's better than sleeping the day away.)

Though, I'm not quite sure about that - especially when there isn't anything to do. In any event, I wasted all of Sunday on the couch trying to keep my toes warm. I didn't even make dinner (though in my defense, I had 'leftovers' written on the menu-plan - so I can't really feel bad about it.)
In the early afternoon Z sent me a text-message asking if it would be alright if 2 of his friend came over after class. I figured it couldn't hurt and offered to make dinner. Thus the agonizing process of deciding on a dish commenced. I knew it had to be something with pasta (because that's what the menu-plan said) but in terms of sauces and sides I would have to 'mix it up'. I decided that I would make a big pot of Pasta Primavera with rolls on the side and a cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread for dessert. (I've been wanting to try the cinnamon thing for weeks now - people keep posting it on Tastespotting but there hasn't been a 'good' time. I figured 3 guys in the house was as good a time as any.)

I decided to try a recipe for 'olive oil rolls' (figuring that the fruitiness of the oil would be a good balance to a light cream sauce) but the dough did a bunch of funny things that made me wonder how the bread would turn out. Suffice it to say, halfway through baking I decided to play it safe and pulled out a different new recipe for 'quick-rolls' it was an easy looking recipe which used a bit of baking powder to help with the rising process (since the procedure was, make dough, shape dough, put rolls in pan, rise in warm area, bake. So the dough only got 1 rise - which I am always a bit skeptical of - but results are in and I got a BIG smile from Z when he bit into it. Crispy crust, slightly-dense but delicious crumb. He was a happy boy.) As for the 'flopped' olive oil rolls - maybe I'll cut them up and make them into croutons or something...

The guys are playing 'Settlers' - 2 veteran players and 2 newbies. I think I'll go and keep the peace...

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