Sunday, March 06, 2011

Slipshod Totality

Friday night was an entirely enjoyable dining experience. The food and the company were absolutely superb. Parboiling the baby potatoes which roasted under the chicken was brilliant. The potatoes had simmered in the gravy and had a creamy texture. I know, I'm going on about them quite a lot - but the last 2 times I made roasted chicken on a bed of onions & spuds, the spuds were duds and never actually passed the 3/4 cooked mark. Also, the chocolate crackle cookies were very well received. We actually sent our guests home with all but 4 of them (so that Z would have a little snack for the morning.) They were extrememly appreciative. It was really cute.

Shabbos morning rolled in a beautiful blue sky with fluffy clouds and delightfully warm weather. Lunch turned out deliciously, I absolutely loved my barley-crust broccoli quiche and the best part was I'm pretty sure that it loved me! 24 hours later I think it's pretty safe to say that 1/4 cup of broccoli at a time is the first thing to make it onto my 'safe-to-eat' vegetable list and I am ridiculously excited about it! I'm assuming I can't have it every day or too much of it - but hey, I'll definitely take what I can get!

After lunch we shlepped chairs out to the mirpeset and spent some quality time in the warm sunshine. When it got too hot outside we moved inside to the couches. I finally read my anniversary present 'cover-to-cover' - there are so many recipes in it that I want to try! I also finished reading 'Under Heaven' the newest Guy Gavriel Kay book which I had been saving (since Z got back from the US) and then read as slowly as I could in order to savor it. GGK is one of my favorite authors. I have loved 9 out of 10 of his other works but Ysabel (his previous one) was kind of a let-down. I'm still not sure whether it was the story or that the style wasn't 'up to par' but it left me disappointed. Thankfully 'Under Heaven' filled the void and restored my faith in the author.

Shabbos ended way too quickly. Z & I enjoyed some leftover chicken-soup while watching a movie - which we actually enjoyed a whole lot. It was midnight before we went to sleep - I'm still not sure how it got to be so late.

This morning I woke up at 8:30. I didn't really do much of anything today, aside from a whole bunch of digital-reorganization. (I seem to do that a lot. Don't I?) Z had 'volunteer hours' this afternoon and a moed bet final exam.

Hopefully tomorrow will be slightly more productive. I'm planning on visiting the 1 sewing-store that exists in this town to see whether they have any nice decorative buttons for my pretty new pillowcases. We also have to pick up a few ingredients for these insanely delicious looking lemon chiffon truffles. It's just chocolate, cream and lemon - those are 3 ingredients that I should definitely be able to handle. Maybe we'll even go for a picnic in the park or something along those lines (though if it's really cold - which the weather-man seems to be predicting) maybe we'll just have a picnic inside instead. I'll figure something out.

Uh-oh - something just broke in the kitchen. Sounded like a cup. Ah well, I didn't really like that set anyway...

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