Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slow Fast Days

I have got to admit that now that I can't eat a whole lot of things - fasting while preparing those things is a whole lot easier. Sounds crazy, but it really is.By 9:00 this morning I was mixing up a batch of yellow cake. I made 12 of these ice cream cone cupcakes and turned the remaining batter into two 8-inch round cakes. I did the same thing with chocolate cake batter when the yellow cakes were almost done baking.
I wrapped the round cakes up well and put them into the freezer for a birthday celebration which will be coming up in a little less than two weeks.
While the chocolate cakes finshed baking I prepped 3 loaves of carrot kugel. We'll be taking 2 with us on Sunday to the Purim seudah and the third will go into the freezer for shabbos in a few weeks when we'll be having company.
I washed the dishes and then put together a batch of caramel popcorn. While it baked I frosted my adorable ice cream lookalike cupcakes. I also figured out the best way to package my shalach manot. I've been collecting the little boxes of mushrooms all year long. They hold 3 cupcakes perfectly. I've jut got to put the cellophane and ribbons on. I'm so excited about them!
To break the fast I heated up some tomato basil rolls along with vegetable soup for Z. I made myself some rice and finally ate the chicken breast that I had roasted for myself for last Shabbos.
Since I spent my entire day today in the kitchen I've got a lot to do tomorrow before we leave for The Sun House. Laundry, cleaning, packing... I'm not looking forward to all that work and then the drive aftewards. Plus I still have 1 more thing to cook for the seudah and I have to wrap up the shalach manot. Gosh, I'm tired already.

At least Shabbos should be a lot of fun - so I guess that'll be nice.

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