Friday, March 18, 2011

Thin Mint Heaven

I woke up at 6:30 this morning. Probably due to 'driving anxiety' - I seriously need to get myself a psychologist - I have some sort of insane agoraphobia and it is like 10 times worse when I need to drive somewhere. Issues I tell you, serious issues. It's making my life complicated.

Anyway - I got up and out of bed but was feeling pretty good. I showered, put a load of laundry into the machine, straightened up some stuff and decided at 9am that I would get in a little bit of walking. (I've decided - yet again - that I really need to get 'active' and if walking is the best way to do that, and I need a goal then I'll gladly take the '1400 step' walk down to our mailbox and back up the mountain. It's a good start anyway.)

There was lots of mail to pick up today. A couple of bills, and a 'petek' from the post office for a package which needs to be picked up. I paid the bills and decided to go out to the post office to pick up the package.

I walked out of the building all chipper and tried pressed the button to unlock the car doors. Nothing happened. I pressed again. Still, nothing happened. I figured the battery in the remote had died - but I'm not dumb, so I unlocked the door manually. Then I noticed that the 'codan' (immobolizer) wasn't blinking, and I noticed that the clock and little door-icon on the dashboard weren't lit up. Yup - the car was dead. D E D - dead.

So - I called the 'roadside assistance' guys and explained my predicament. Mor - the nice guy who helped me - explained that it would take 3 hours for someone to come and look at the car and told me to find a garage nearby in the event that the car had to be towed. I thanked him and freaked out a little about 'in the event that the car had to be towed.' Yo'Abba helped me search online and we found a garage in Ariel. I called them and they'll be in until 2 today - hopefully the car-man will show up in time just in case we need to go there.

I'm really hoping it's just a quick battery switch because we're supposed to go to The Sun House for Shabbos. Sara is counting on us for a ride and I don't have anything in the freezer or in the house to make a 'last minute' Shabbos even if I wanted to. (It's a negative impact of the FructMal diagnosis - I don't keep many fruits or vegetables on hand because they end up going to waste. I'm also all out of chicken (because I was planning on buying next week.) I even used up the freezer-stock of chicken soup (because it's the only soup in the freezer that I can actually eat.)

Anyway - hopefully it'll be a quick fix (sooner rather than later) and then we'll be on our way.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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