Friday, March 25, 2011

Who is a Bum.

Happy Friday! Hard to believe it's here again. Yesterday flew by - a lot of rain, crazy thunder & lightning and even a little bit of hail. Thankfully the crazy weather didn't hit until late in the afternoon so I got my grocery shopping done nice and early. When I got Home from the store I put the chicken soup up to cook. (2 big pots-worth.) Then I baked the cookies. I decided to leave the rest of the cooking for this morning. We worked on the puzzle and somehow managed to finish it - well, just about. See, it's a new puzzle. We haven'thad any guests over since opening it, and we did it at the dining room table and somehow there's 1 piece missing. I'm going to e-mail the company next week to see if I can maybe get a replacement. It's so frustrating - but also kind of amusing. Do you see the missing piece?Embiggen the picture and look around - I'm sure you'll spot it.
This morning I woke up a little before 7 but I forced myself to stay in bed until 7:20. I got the garlic prepped to roast, put together the sweet potatoes and assembled the potato gratin. I was basically done in the kitchen at 1pm. It was great! I was way ahead of myself so I was excited to 'Skype' with Debs & Avromi for a little over an hour. Then I had to go make sure that the floor was getting washed and that other chores were getting done.
After finishing the first stage of cooking I looked out the window and got fed-up with it being so darn dirty. Do you see that coat of dust and dirt? It's been getting worse and worse but I finally decided to do something about it. We popped the windows out of their frame and put them into the bathtub where we washed them. It's amazing what a difference a washing can make. Now the kitchen is sunny and bright again. No wonder my pictures have been dark and icky looking lately - the natural light was being kept at bay - thankfully it's back in abundance now!
While I was on a 'cleaning spree' I decided to re-purpose the zested-lemon from the fridge - I cut it into quarters and dropped 2 of the pieces into cups of water which I put in the microwave on high for 4 minutes. The steam loosened up all the gunk and I was able to wipe it all up super-easily - best part, my microwave was left with a lemony fresh scent (which is a vast improvement over tuna. - because Z has been eating lots of tuna-melts on the bagels that I made 2 weeks ago...)
As I've mentioned a couple of times in the last few days - Sara, Aviv & Zvi are coming for dinner.
We'll be serving:
Roasted garlic, Matbucha (which Zvi made), 'Salatim', Chicken Soup with matzah balls (we're getting the last ones in before rosh chodesh!), Zaatar chicken, White rice, Couscous, Struesel-topped sweet potatoes & peas.
Tomorrow for lunch we'll be having:
Chumus & Salatim, honey-mustard broiled salmon, potato gratin, sun-dried-tomato pasta salad & (FF) 'tri-color' rice-pasta salad (that's tri-color pasta salad without any of the vegetables.)
Have a wonderful weekend!

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