Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Audio Mission

Yesterday: It's 6:40AM and I hear an annoying beeping noise. It sounds like the battery-backup on the desktop. Oh, the power is out. 8:30am the power comes back on - but only for 15 minutes. For the next 3 hours the power goes out for 5-10 minutes and then is on for 5-10 minutes.

Z & I did go to the post-office to pick up the package of batteries which had arrived. We also hopped over to Yesh to pick up some rice (because I polished off the kilo we had in the house last week.) We also checked the air in the tires which was good because it was back down to 28 instead of 32...

All in all Shushan Purim was pretty tame. Ayala and a friend decided to come and visit us so we didn't end up going into Jeru. For lunch I heated up tomato-basil rolls from the freezer and threw together an easy mushroom cream sauce which I served on spiral-y pasta. Of course there was a cute little tossed salad on the side. For dessert we sampled everything from dulce-de-leche to hamentashen.

Eventually we walked with them towards the bus-stop but said goodbye to them when we reached the P.O. Boxes. It was nice to get a little walk in. I'm trying to squeeze them in because I know that I really need them.
Today -
Well - it was a pretty boring day overall. I woke up early and did nothing productive. Z woke up late and did nothing productive. Until I noticed that a couple dozen ants were wandering around the living room/dining room area and that they were encroaching on the 'front hall' which meant - next stop - kitchen. I'm not ok with ants in my kitchen. So, we swept off the rug, rolled it up and moved it into the guest room. Next we moved all of the furniture away from the walls and swept then washed the floor. Then we put the furniture back in place sans rug and I sprinkled some cinnamon on the door-frame which seems to be where the ants are coming from. (Yes, cinnamon - rumor has it that ants don't like it and that it will make them leave. It's relatively cheap and is definitely more environmentally/family friendly than harsh chemicals of any kind.)
While sorting out the living room issues I also straightened up in the kitchen by washing the dishes from yesterday and wiping down the countertop. It wasn't much but it made me feel better.
I also managed to book up Shabbos guests from this week until Pesach today. That's a lot of people. I decided to be really good and even drafted up 'menu-plans' for each of the weekends. I'm pretty impressed with myself.
In a 'crazy' sort of mood I pulled a 700-piece puzzle off the shelf and decided to 'take a crack' at it. (I'm terrible at puzzles. Honestly, I am. I can put together the border but then I tend to lose focus and get frustrated. I remember in the 'good old days' when I lived with Shosh... I'd put together the border and a few days later the rest of the puzzle would be finished - now that was real puzzle magic.)
Today I ate; a dozen assorted fructose friendly cookies, half-a-bowl of 'rice pasta' spaghetti and 2 bags of potato chips but at 9PM I was hungry. So Z put some french-fries into the oven for us to share. I enjoyed mine with a couple of tablespoons of 100% Hunt's Tomato Sauce - my latest and greatest food-indulgence. It causes minimal problems that I'm willing to deal with, because I need more flavor in my life!
I've got lots to do tomorrow. I'm hoping to bake challot and cookies for Shabbos. I also have to organize the pareve corner-cabinet (my cookie cutters are running amok and getting bent out of shape doing it.) I also really need to make the last third of the hamentashen because the dough is just sitting in the fridge and purim is kind of over...
We're in the 'month before Pesach' now so I really have to buckle down and do my 'organizing' - it's not Pesach cleaning but it still needs to get done and Pesach is as good a deadline as any. At least - that's how I figure it.

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Rik said...

Let me know if the cinnamon thing works. I think we're getting ants as well.