Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4 Hour Skype - Fredso

I wish that the thought of eggs for breakfast didn't make my stomach go all squidgy. They're a great source of protein and are something that I can theoretically actually tolerate. For some reason my nose and stomach have an aversion though. Just thinking about eating them scrambled or as an omelette makes my gut dance unpleasantly. What the heck is wrong with me? (Just in case you were wondering - I wound up eating 2 FF PBC cookies and a mint chip truffle for breakfast instead.)

It was gloomy when I woke up this morning. I don't understand how the air can possibly be so dry when it rained yesterday and the sky looks so overcast and gray today. Something really doesn't make any sort of sense. The weather is seriously messing with my head and it's getting quite annoying.

As I clambered out of bed I had a funny thought. I realized that Pesach means a family trip to the beach. A trip to the beach means that I need a bathing suit of some sort. Bathing suit? Well - I've got a whole collection but none that I've actually worn because every time I order a new one it doesn't fit by the time I receive it. In exciting news - I tried on all eligible candidates in the 'swimsuit bag' and for the moment I have 2 really cute bikinis to wear for the summer! One is black and the other is a really fun hodge-podge of colors. Oh yeah, and my board-shorts don't look too shabby either.

Z went to school late. Probably because he went to sleep late because he was working on the presentation for Thursday. Before he left he decided to eat some breakfast. A container of sun dried tomato pasta salad wasn't quite enough to fill him up and he went searching for something 'salty'. (Has he been living with me for too long or what?) I gave him chumus and red pepper strips. He commented that he was eating so healthfully. I replied that he was eating to get rid of leftovers.

After a snack of white rice and potato chips I decided to get to work. I checked the flour-situation in the cupboard. I had just shy of 5 cups of bread flour and half-a-cup of whole wheat flour.

I kneaded up dough for a batch of hamburger rolls. That used up 3.5 cups of the bread flour. I wound up making 9 rolls out of the batch - but in the future I should try to remember that the rolls get enormous and that the recipe could make 10 or 11 nice-sized rolls instead of 9 enormous buns. They smelled incredible and I let them cool, then sliced them most-of-the-way-through before putting them into the freezer for Sunday.

Did I mention the whole 'Sunday event' that we have planned? Well - 'The A to my Z' is finally back in The Holy Land. His fiance will be arriving on Friday and we really want to meet her. So we've decided to head to The Sun House a day early. Meaning we'll be heading over there on Sunday morning. We figured that a bbq at Tel Bet Shemesh or the Eucalyptus Park would be a fun way to spend the time. Meat, Meet, and of course eat lots of chametz from my freezer. Mr & Mrs Freddie will be joining us too. It's going to be a cute little gathering with yummy food. Burgers, wings, hotdogs, chicken-kabobs, homemade rolls, veggies, cookies - the works! 

So in order to use up some more flour I made - get ready for this - a half batch of '1/3-whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies'. I have no idea how they'll taste - probably quite heavy from the whole-wheat - but I figured it was better than nothing. (Note: Z ate a whole bunch of these cookies and commented that they tasted better than usual and 'more earthy' - so I guess whole wheat isn't all bad.) Anyway - they went straight into the freezer for the picnic too.

Now there's 1 cup of flour left and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. Freddie suggested blondies - which I could easily make for Shabbos. I can also make 1/2 a batch of caramel popcorn with the remaining 1/2 cup of margarine in the fridge.

Tomorrow Z will take the 50-muffin-collection to school for snack during the presentations. That will empty the top shelf of the freezer. Friday we'll be serving borekas and soup for lunch. Then on Sunday morning we'll see how many bagels we can finish off. I'm thinking most of them. Then the freezer will be just about empty. For some weird reason that excites me - a lot.

I'm starting to get a little stressed out about the whole 'today was Wednesday, a guest is coming for Shabbos, we're leaving on Sunday, Pesach is on Monday' thing. I've written about 6 'to-do' lists and a 'packing' list. I might think I write too many lists except that if I don't write them then half the stuff gets forgotten... Like a couple of weeks ago when we had cold chicken soup on Shabbos because Z wouldn't let me write my list in peace (then rushed me and messed up my schedule resulting in a late shower...) - so we served guests cold chicken soup. Anyway - point is - lists are important to me. Oh yes, and I'm feeling a bit stressed. On the bright side - last year we packed our suitcases and took a bus to a train to a cab to a hotel for a week. This year we can pack up our car and go whenever we want. It makes things a whole lot easier.

Okay - I'm going to go stress out a little bit more while bothering Z (who has finally started building the model for his presentation tomorrow. It's only 9:21pm - so I figure that he should be done by around 9:45am - only 45 minutes late for the presentation...) I should probably decide what time I'm going to go to sleep tonight.

Not too late - there's a heck of a lots of stuff to do tomorrow...

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