Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani

Thursday was a busy sort of day. I baked challah with Ora in the late morning. Then when Z got Home from school we went out to 'town' together. I stocked up on barley flour and oat flour. It was very exciting!Friday morning I started cooking quite early. (Considering I hadn't done any cooking on Thursday.) Sara and Freddie joined us for Shabbos. Freddie brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers - babys breath and carnations. For lunch on Friday I made up a new recipe based on 'Eggplant Parmigian' and 'Eggplant Stacks' - I quickly browned eggplant slices in a little bit of olive oil, then stacked them in ramekins with sauce and thin slices of tomato, after baking them I turned them out onto plates. It was such cute little portion-controlled sizes and looked so pretty.

Friday night menu: salatim, roasted garlic, chicken soup with (hard as rock) matzah balls, chicken with vinegar (from The Kosher Pallete), Jasmine rice & Green beans in soy sauce and sesame oil (they didn't even overcook!)

Shabbat lunch menu: salatim, tomato onion quiche, FF broccoli quiche, tossed salad with slivered almonds and balsamic dressing, glazed broiled salmon

Shabbos afternoon dragged on and on but we made the most of it. A few games of Settlers - Freddie won the 1st, she helped me win the 2nd and the 3rd game I won all on my own. Then we read and took nice long shabbos naps.
Ora & Shlomo came to visit too. We had a lovely little seudah-shlishit (more tossed salad and a nice lemony pasta salad. We played Bananagrams and shmoozed.

After havdalah the boys disappeared into the office to play Portal-2 and the girls headed off to the kitchen to bake bagels. We made a double batch and made a few 'mini-bagels' for Sara - so 27 bagels later we were finally done.Renat picked Sara up. We drove Ora & Shlomo home (and finally saw their cute little apartment. Then back at Home Freddie was 'skype-ing' with Mr. Freddie.

Eventually we decided that it was bedtime and that's what we're up to now.

Shavua tov everybody!

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