Tuesday, April 19, 2011


And so began the Pesach Holiday...The cabinets were tied up. The last of the chametz was burnt. Everyone was snacking on cheese and eggs. Cooking was underway...
We peeled a gazillion vegetables and somehow a little spider named Franklin hopped into the pot. He gave Meanma a bit of a shock but it was quite hysterical all in all. Miryam and S&S arrived and everybody got dressed in their holiday best.
Finally we lit the candles and chag had begun. There was a minyan right out in the street so nobody had to trudge up to the shul.
The seder was quite enjoyable. We sat around the coffee table on various pieces of furniture and after choosing colorful wine-glass-distinguishers we started the story-telling. Dibble asked the 4-questions and Mr. Freddie asked them in Yiddish for Savta. Many
'plagues' were flung around the room. Finally it was time for the meal - which was absolutely delicious and then after the 4th cup of wine we finished up a little after 1am.
Shul was at 8:30. Lunch followed and was also scrumptious. Of course the most anticipated part was dessert - sponge cake, flake cake, double-chocolate flake cake and brownies...
All of the cakes turned out beautifully! We were very impressed. 4 sponge-type cakes and they all stood up perfectly. It was very exciting!
The afternoon flew by in a whir of Bananagrams, Phase 10 and many games of Settlers (both the regular and the extended versions.)
Havdala-time arrived too quickly. The guys went out to daven ma'ariv and then we settled into some chol-hamoed routine. Another game of Settlers, shmoozing, some motzei-chag noshing.
Moadim L'simcha everybody!

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