Thursday, April 07, 2011

Found the Charger...

Am I the only one that finds it ironic that 'Palestinians' murder Israelis so the Israelis are 'granted permission' to build new homes in their own country but the building results in having more 'Palestinians' getting paid and wandering around Israeli towns than ever? Yeah - so 'construction' started at 6:50 this morning.They're jackhammering the mountain behind our house apart for seemingly no-reason at all. I drove Z down to school because he had to take a big model down to studio. Yeah, I'm too nice sometimes. I put a pot of chicken-stock up to cook - I threw in 2 carcasses and 1 lost chicken wing. I'm guessing that it will be pretty thick and tasty whenever I decide it's done simmering. I also cooked up a pot of vegetable stock to use at my own discretion. Since it's Thursday and that means Shabbos is tomorrow I kind of figured I should start cooking. I'm pulling dessert(s), challot and a FF mashed-potato-kugel out of the freezer. So I made a FF version of our favorite 'tri-color pasta salad' (Idid thatby using rice pasta, using GF soy sauce, cane sugar and omitting the 'color' which is the saute'ed pepper strips and snap-peas.) I also put together sun-dried tomato pasta salad and cooked up a batch of 'Judy's Bulgur Sidedish' to eat at some point. I hope the bulgur is good since I can't taste it on account of it being wheat and the onions, carrots and Tbsp of onion-soup-mix that went into it.) I've got a shopping list all written up but don't really want to go out today - since I'll probably end up going out tomorrow too. All that's on the list is vegetables but I also need to pick up the 'salatim' and who knows - maybe Z will get me flowers is I drive him to the florist and demand some - loudly. I mean - he can take a not-so-subtle hint, right? Breakfast today was another barley-roll. This time I sliced it horizontally into 3 pieces, spread about 1/2 tsp yellow mustard on the slices then topped with 1 slice of 'yerushalayim' cheese. Then I popped it into the microwave for 40 seconds to make the cheese melt-y. It was quite a nice changed from butter. For lunch I got a special treat. I pulled the potato out of the vegetable stock, sliced it into rounds and sprinkled it with salt. It tasted really great because it had boiled along with other veggies so it had some extra 'umph' to it. I did a fake reorganize of my clothing closet (because the situation had gotten so bad that the door wouldn't close properly and things kept dive-bombing off the shelves.) I also folded all 4 loads of laundry (yes 4. I washed sheets, towels and clothes.) Z came Home a little early. He was happy to pick the chicken from the soup clean for dinner. Then he surprised me by sweeping and washing the floor. He also set up the candles, set the table, washed the dishes, made the beds in the guest room and even changed the sheets in our room. Now he can sleep late tomorrow morning because all of his chores are done. Or so he thinks. In response to his cleaning frenzy I decided to do one last useful thing. I organized the medicine and toiletries shelves that are in the top half of Z's clothing closet. He had been asking me to take care of it for weeks - so now it's done. We are even. In other random news - Z took the cake truffles from yesterday down to studio this morning. Rumor has it that they were gone in no time and people really enjoyed. They liked the ones with the white-chocolate rosettes better and those were the ones that disappeared first - turns out aesthetics do matter. There's not too much to do tomorrow. Just a bit of cooking and a quick trip to the grocery store. For now I think I'll get some sleep - I'm pretty sure that the 'diggers' will be chipping away at the mountain at some ridiculous hour of the morning.

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