Sunday, April 03, 2011

Goodnight Gorilla!

I can't believe I haven't posted since Thursday. I'm not quite sure what happened there. Thursday was pretty routine. I cooked stuff for Shabbos and straightened stuff up. Before going to sleep we set the clocks 1 hour ahead so that we would be 'on-time' in the morning.
Friday morning was nice and relaxed. We went to 'downtown Ariel' to pick up the usual salatim and last minute groceries. The weather was summer-hot and town was full of kids enjoying ice-creams on sticks.

As I mentioned Ayala and her brother Yoni joined us for Shabbos. It was quiet, relaxing and enjoyable. We taught Yoni how to play 'Settlers' and mastered the game Bananagrams.

Friday Night Menu: Roasted garlic, salatim, homemade pickle slices, chicken soup with matzah balls, Jersey chicken, Persian rice, peas, carrot kugel

Shabbos Lunch: Roasted garlic, salatim, honey-mustard salmon, tomato-onion quiche, FF broccoli quiche with barley flour crust, vegetable platter

Desserts: caramel popcorn, rum & spice cookies, FF peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
Motzei Shabbos was quite busy. We said goodbye to Ayala then turned our attention to clearing up from Shabbos and 'kiddie-proofing' for the Fishmans.

Yoni slept over because travelling 2 hours north just to travel back south (to his army base) in the morning seemed more than a little pointless.
Sunday morning we were woken up by the earth-movers outside carrying away our backyard. Though the construction until now was being done further down the hill we have reason to believe that additional permits have been approved and that the scope of the building has been doubled. More buildings means that they have to clear more land. It's crazy! Right outside our little Utopia. No more late mornings for us - this morning they were out there banging away before 7am.
I offered Yoni some bagels for breakfast and taught him how-to blanch tomatoes and then he got on his way. Z finished straightening up and even washed all of the dishes. In the meantime I put a pot of homemade-chunky-tomato-sauce up to cook.
By 11 our special guests had arrived! It was so much fun to see them! The Shmooshes were adorable as always and were mesmerized by the 'diggers' outside. The mirpeset gave them a great view of the action. Z was super happy to share his train tracks and I'm pretty sure that the lucky stuffed animals who got to come out to play today had a good time too.

Lunch was spaghetti with sauce and cheese on the side, a collection of rolls from the freezer stash (I should have warmed them in the oven - next time guys, next time), sliced veggies and corn muffins. Dessert stayed simple with carrot 'cake' and caramel popcorn.
Eventually the time came to say good-bay. We all walked down to the bus-stop then went our separate ways. Z went to school, the Fishmans went back home and I checked the mail then made my way up the hill before the bright and sunny sky started spitting enormous raindrops down for a few minutes. The weather seems to be very confused.

I spent the rest of the day feeling like I'd lost something. Things had been so 'happening' for the last few days and suddenly it was quiet and I had nothing to prepare for. On the other hand - maybe a few days 'break' is a good thing. After all, we will be having guests this Shabbos too and then it's 1 week until Pesach.

I really really really have to clean. I don't even know where we're spending Pesach yet. I mean, we're supposed to be in The Sun House, but it's always nice to have the option to go Home - especially when it's just a little over an hour ride away.

One thing at a time. Tomorrow I will tackle my closet then we'll take it from there.

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