Monday, April 04, 2011

Harvesting Cranberries...

Barley bread with butter for breakfast. I warmed it, sliced it, buttered it, sprinkled half with salt and half with cinnamon&sugar and gobbled it up. Verdict is: taste isn't affected by short-term freezing but it sure gets crumbly. I was woken up at 7:00 this morning by the machinery outside. I'm really not sure what it is that that they are doing. They seem to have dug a seemingly pointless trench right behind our row buildings but the trench is on a slant and it angles towards us. Quite strange. The driver made a lot of noise and threw large rocks around for about an hour then he turned off the machinery and left. Absolutely pointless. I sent the leftover caramel popcorn from Shabbos down to studio with Z. I'm waiting for confirmation that the invitation for this Shabbos is still 'on' and that our guests will actually be joining us. (I suppose those are the dangers of extending invitations a month in advance.) They're planning on coming but have to figure out whether they'll be joining us for all of the meals or if they'll take the opportunity to visit other people that they don't get to see now that they moved out of Ariel.

I didn't want to be completely unproductive today so I mixed up a batch of mint chocolate chip truffle stuff. Tomorrow I guess I'll shape and chocolate coat them. Won't that be fun? Also on the schedule for tomorrow is cleaning out the guest room. It is in desperate need of a 're-organize' and since we're having a curious 1-year-old over for Shabbos we figure that the sooner the better. Z came Home at 3 to take the laptop down to studio. I was too lazy to turn on the desktop so I moved to the couch in the living room and lost myself in a book for a few hours. He came Home by 6:30, so it wasn't really a long break - but it was kind of nice all the same. For dinner we experimented with the leftover 'no-knead' loaf from yesterday. I had been a little too spazzy to remember to put the loaf into the oven yesterday (since it had come out of the freezer) and I was curious to know how it would taste if it got 're-baked' so we tossed it in with the french-fries that Z was making for dinner to eat along with some hotdogs. The verdict is that the crust crisps up and the inside stays delightfully moist and chewy. (Now I REALLY owe the Fishmans a 'real' taste of the no-knead bread. Otherwise Shosh might never try making it...) Nothing much else of interest to report for today. It rained all day while the sun made a sad attempt at shining. Construction stopped for the day as soon as they were sure that I was awake and wouldn't be able to fall asleep again. I ate a few too many potato-products today. I'm still exnjoying my flowers from Shabbos - especially because I've relocated to the living room. I'm just a little too excited about organizing tomorrow. Oh yeah and Toffee says hi!

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