Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am, George?

At 8:30 I woke up and realized that Z (who was still sound asleep) had 20 minutes to leave for school if he wanted to get there on time. I woke him up and his first question was, "What can I take for lunch? We don't have any bread or leftovers." So I rushed the the kitchen and threw together a 15 minute lunch. How? Easy. While the 1.25 cups of pasta cooked (it was 10 minute bowties) I sliced up an onion and 2 cloves of garlic which sauteed while I sliced a big tomato and opened a small container of tomato paste. The tomato and tomato paste joined the aromatics in the pot along with a couple of spoonfuls of water from the pasta-pot. Then I seasoned the sauce with; salt, freshly ground black pepper, a dash of chili powder, basil and parsley. The timer for the pasta rang so I drained the noodles while the sauce cooked down a bit. Then I mixed the pasta in with the sauce. As a treat I decided to add some chesse - so I decided to layer saucy pasta with slices of mozzarella cheese. I made 3 layers of each - starting with pasta and ending with cheese. A layer of plastic wrap under the cover made sure the cheese would stay with the pasta instead of on the container's lid. Then into his bag it went. Funnily enough, it felt quicker to make the meal than it did to type up the procedure. Go figure.

I walked down to the campus gate with Z. Then he went to class and I decided to continue the walk. I was hoping to cover a lot of ground but started feeling uneasy - so I decided that 'something is better than nothing' and that 'good things are worth waiting for' and that 'goals are important' (and a zillion other pithy sayings) so I changed the route and walked down to the 'car gate' of the university then cut across campus (instead of going all the way around it.) I made it Home with 3750 aerobic steps in 34 minutes (which means that I got my 1/2 hour of exercise and that I had reached 'sedentary lifestyle' range for 'steps-in-a-day') so I was pretty pleased with myself.

When I got inside I washed the dishes from last night and this morning. Then after checking on the garden I made myself some breakfast. Meanma let me steal a dozen XL eggs, and they're just the right size for 1-egg omelettes. I made mine folded over a slice of cheese. It was delicious.

It didn't take long for me to get bored. (Ever notice that tends to happen when I've actually done stuff in the morning?) Anyway, I decided that instead of sitting around and just watching tv that I would go out to Yesh to see if they had the stuff that I wasn't able to get yesterday. They had no frozen peas or french fries. They didn't even have tomatoes or cucumbers. Thankfully they had about 20 small potatoes in a bin on the floor behind an empty bin - I dug it out and stuck all of them into a plastic bag. I got on line behind a woman who was just about done paying and noticed that the other 2 lanes were ringing-up people with huge orders. A guy was waiting with 2 cartons of milk on the lane next to me. I let him go ahead of me (because I love it when people are considerate like that and I definitely believe in the concept of karma.) He was very grateful and I assumed he was rushing off to somewhere because he kept glancing at his watch nervously.

Packing the car was easy-peasy (I love shopping with the big cloth shopping bags.) I was on the road in a matter of minutes and at the 2nd traffic circle I saw 2 girls waiting at the bus-stop. Since it was sunny and I know that buses rarely stop where they were waiting, I stopped and offered them a ride the 3rd traffic circle (by the university.) They were very thankful.

I parked and grabbed as many of the bags as I could carry then made my way inside. On my way up the stairs I passed one of the guys who lives in the apartment above us so we said 'hi' to each other. (I was impressed that I recognized him. For some funny reason I can never remember what they look like.)

After unpacking the groceries I sat down to take a little relaxation break. Savta called and I enjoyed talking with her, I especially liked the story with the happy ending - in which Patches the cat returns. I snacked on a piece of 'trail-mix-chocolate' (when I made the truffles on Sunday there was extra chocolate left over from coating them. So, I poured it onto a tray, sprinkled it with slivered almonds and craisins then let it harden. When it was solid I broke it into shards and have been enjoying snacking on them. They're sweet and tart all at the same time. Next time I might put coarsely chopped salted/roasted almonds in instead.

My next challenge was dealing with the 'flour' situation. I bought yesterday but since it was all ground before Pesach I felt uncomfortable not sifting it. (You really never know what's creeping around in flour that's been stored in the the grocery store's storage area...) I found one questionable bug-part (yeah, yuck.) but the rest of it was clean. Now things feel almost back to whatever constitutes 'normal' in my house because there are 9 kilo of flour sifted and ready to use. On a funny note, I became a victim of the window vacuum again. I labeled a new 2.5 gallon bag for bread flour, turned around for a second and then turned back just in time to watch the wind-portal suck it right out the window. I hope my offering to the wind-spirits was well accepted - though I wonder what they're planning to do with such a big bag. I ran down the stairs and outside to try to catch it but by the time I got to the parking lot it was nowhere to be seen.

For dinner I'm thinking of trying this Chicken with Peas & Couscous - because I took leftover chicken from the parents-place, I have some peas and Z really likes couscous. Looks easy enough - so why not.

Z should be home in an hour (or 2) and I didn't actually manage to do any baking today. Maybe I'll just let it slide until tomorrow (1 more day without cookies to nosh on - not exactly the worst thing in the world - heck, I ate eggs and cheese as a result. Protein consumption is a good thing, right?)

Speaking of the first post-Pesach baking binge - I'll be baking challah (I even have a key for this weeks shlissel challah. Don't worry, I'll wrap it in tin-foil and all will be well.) I'm also excited to churn out a batch or 3 of chocolate chip cookies, some 'pretty' sugar cookies, and a couple of batches of muffins (flavors still to be decided.)

There's been a rumor on the wind that Freddie & George will be baking bagels on Motza"sh which is pretty exciting. Let's hope it's warm enough for everything to rise properly.

In the good news column - I am pleased to report that I managed to find the perfect spot to store our new bathtub. Ok, so it's not a tub - it's a 16 liter pot - for chicken-stock. But I am ridiculously excited about it nonetheless!

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