Sunday, April 10, 2011


I did all of the 'heavy-lifting' on Thursday which left Friday wide open to do just about nothing. I have no problems with that though. Friday morning I woke up early and did the last of the cooking. Then Z and I went out 'to town' where we picked up salatim and bumped into our friends The Lockermans. Then we drove over to Yesh to pick up some vegetables and on our way out of the parking lot we quickly detoured to the flower-man's tent outside of the creepy 'Abu Eli' makolet, across the street from the Arab-owned plant nursery and pet food store. Turns out the nice Jewish-guy who sells flowers has a good selection for a relatively great price (for the area anyway.) On our way up 'the big hill' Z noticed one of our upstairs neighbors 'hoofing it' up the hill - we stopped to let him hop in and gave him a ride the rest of the way. In return he helped Z carry the bags up to our front door. (Hey, I'm not complaining - it freed up my hands.) Since all of the cooking was done we had close to 5 hours to spend however we wanted. Z did one last 'babyproofing' sweep of the shelves and then we watched tv.

The Spodeks arrived about an hour before candle-lighting. Friday night went by quickly and so did the day - before we knew it our guests were off to other neighbors on the other side of town for seudah shlishit. Shabbos was over way too soon.

The meals were good though - just so I have a record:

Friday night: roasted garlic, chumus, matbucha, chatzilim, quick-pickle-slices, chicken soup, roasted chicken on a bed of onions and (parboiled) potatoes, white rice, garlic rice, peas, streusel topped sweet potatoes

Shabbat lunch: roasted garlic, chumus, matbucha, chatzilim, quick-pickle-slices, sliced veggie basket (red-yellow-orange peppers, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms), honey mustard shnitzel, pan sauteed chicken breast, sun dried tomato pasta salad, FF 'tri-color' pasta salad, Judy's bulgur sidedish, FF mashed potato kugel (with barley flour)

Desserts: cookie platter (crackle cookies, rum & spice cookies, FF PB CC cookies)

Sunday morning was 'same old' - the machines were banging away outside our window bright and early. Then at 8:30 the creepy old 'fix-it-kablan' showed up banging on the door. "Show me where the water damage is in the apartment." So we showed him. "I'll be back after Pesach to deal with it." Uh-huh, sure, right...we'll believe that when you actually show up.

At a certain point I decided that it was time to be somewhat productive. I put on some bad 'pop' music and started baking. Z's studio class is having 'presentations' this week and I was offered the opportunity to bake for them. I'll be trying this 'Rocky Road Texas Sheet Cake" for Monday's evening studio and today I baked assorted muffins for Thursday's morning studio. I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip muffins, a batch of double chocolate chip muffins and a double-batch of cinnamon buttermilk muffins. All in all I ended up with 54 standard size muffins.

That got me thinking a lot about muffins. I can't remember whether I've mentioned my next 'big plan' in this forum. For the last couple of weeks I have been toying with the idea of selling baked goods here in the middle of nowhere. You see, there are a lot of student on campus and I reckon they might be interested in tasty treats. I'm also pretty confident that my breads would be quite well accepted. So after Pesach I'm hoping to start baking and selling locally. I'm in quite a tizzy trying to figure out 'cost' and how much I would need to charge in order to break even and then to make a profit. The truth is that I'm realizing that it is completely 'do-able' - all it takes is the time and effort. This is something I can definitely handle - and be good at!

The plan is to offer; cookies by the dozen, frozen logs of cookie dough, assorted muffins and artisan breads. Orders can be placed by telephone or e-mail (until I actually manage to put together a website for myself - oh man, that's going to be quite a challenge - I've never actually done it before...) Deliveries will be made twice a week - probably on Monday nights and on Thursday nights.

Of course, me being me - I feel that 'presentation' is quite important. for that reason I really don't want to deliver my baked goods in plain old sandwich baggies. I also want cute muffin-liners. Wise business people that I know always used to say that it takes wisely invested money to make money. So - I've spent most of my free time today pricing things out online. From the looks of things boxes and bags aren't economical to buy online if you don't live in the USofA. However - my Bro-in-Law is in Shmutz Laaretz for Pesach and cute cupcake liners definitely don't weigh very much. Hopefully he won't mind shlepping a bunch back for me. Then I'll be a step closer to getting this project underway. I'm assuming that a trip to the party-goods type store in Jeru will be in order to get bags and boxes for the food to be distributed in.

Last part of the plan is the logo and design. Obviously I'll be doing that myself - but I've got to figure out what to call it. It's a shame that 'cheaper by the dozen' is already taken.

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thank you for the mention and link to my Texas Sheet Cake hope it turns out great!

blearningteach said...

It sounds like you have a vision and with your talents in baking the sky is the limit! many blessings to you, Bernadette, a grandmother, getting an MA in teaching technology in the US of A. :)