Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lebanese & BiCurious

Woke up at 6:45 this morning - I guess they started working early to make up for starting late yesterday.

First order of business was painting my nails - because we all know how important that is. Now they're the pretty purple color I like.

The next chore that I tackled was laundry. While the first load was in the machine I made my way to the kitchen.

I shlepped out my KitchenAid and mixed up 3 batches of chocolate chip cookie dough - since the machine can only really handle 1 batch at a time, I mixed them up and dumped them into my enormous 'rubbermaid' container and stuck it all in the fridge to chill.

Ora came over at a little after 12 and we made challah dough together. We shmoozed while it rose then shaped it (we even remembered to put in our keys!) and finally they went into the oven. Halfway through baking Z came Home from school to return the laptop (which he took for studio.) The whole apartment smelled amazing and our 16 loaves came out looking amazing!

Z went back to school and pretty soon Ora had to leave for class too.

I took a few minutes to scoop cookie dough onto a tray and put it all into the freezer. I've decided to freeze the dough in pre-shaped balls, because it will be super easy to pull them out and bake them whenever I need. 99 dough-balls later I was out of space on the tray.

Then Z waltzed in (and ate a few of the cookies that I had baked for shabbos.)

We decided to go to 'downtown Ariel' to pick up the last of the groceries. I still needed my alternative-flours (barley and oat) and I even bought raw almonds to try my hand at making my very own almond milk! (Meanma made over Pesach and it was absolutely delicious - not to mention super-easy!)

Freddie even called as we were parking in 'town' and she's going to bring me pretty flowers for Shabbos! I'm so excited!

I didn't do any real cooking for Shabbos yet - but I figure tomorrow is a really long day and since we've already done our errands it's not like we've got to to out. Which means that I've got time to prepare from wake-up until candle-lighting.

Sounds like a really good plan to me.

Have I mentioned that repurposing leftover repurposed leftovers may sound like a challenge - but it really isn't all that hard and with a little luck and some imagination it can really taste amazing and like something completely different?

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