Saturday, April 16, 2011

Martians Are Weird...

It's been a few days since my last post and boy have I been busy.

Wednesday night turned into an 'all-nighter' for both me and Z. The model was huge and had a whole lot of parts to it so more than 2 hands were required to put it together. At a little after 4am I was almost non-functional - I called it quits but he kept working. Unfortunately by the time I crawled into bed my body was so confused that I couldn't fall asleep. After 5 I finally dozed off, only to be woken up at 6:30 by the construction out back. I felt awful. It seems that stress, anxiety and abnormal-sleep-patterns cause almost as many problems for my body as eating the wrong foods. I was fuzzy headed and essentially non-functional for the first 3/4 of the day and by the time my head had cleared a bit I was so tired that I didn't manage to get very much done. I did drive Z down to studio with the jumbo-model and 50-something assorted muffins for the class at a little after 10am. At 5pm I drove down to pick him up - because the school decided that they're cleaning out the studios over Pesach 'vacation' - even though all of the students are mid-semester, which means mid-project and all of their projects are in the studios because they work there. After picking up Z and all of his projects we went out to 'town' and Yesh. We needed the last few things for Shabbos and for the 'bbq' tomorrow.

Thursday night I fell asleep at a little after 8. I was completely and utterly drained. Of course, Murphy's Law was put into play - our phone almost never rings but for some reason it rang at 8:30, 9, 10, 11 and one last time at midnight. I was so zonked that I woke up for each of the calls but managed to fall back asleep without too much effort.

Friday flew by - probably because I slept late (ok, so only until a little after 8 - but that's late for me.) I finished up the cooking and packed for next week. Sarah Leah arrived in the early afternoon. I served borekkas and soup from the dwindling freezer stash. We decided that it would be a pajama shabbos. Comfort was very much encouraged. Friday night menu included: Roasted garlic, chumus, chatzilim, matbucha, challah, chicken soup, Yemenite soup, turkey wings, Persian rice, peas.

Shabbos morning I managed to wake up on time to wake Z for shul. He was Home by 10:30 so we had a nice early lunch of potato gratin, honey-mustard salmon, sliced veggies, salatim and challah. The afternoon dragged on - it was peaceful and enjoyable but it took a long time to pass. Z and SL napped. I couldn't manage to sleep so I read National Geographic Magazine and finished my book. The hour before Z had to leave for mincha we played a game of Settlers - which I actually managed to win somehow. (I'm still a little surprised about that.)

By the time we made Havdalah I was itching to do some of the zillion things that are still 'to-be-done' on my lists. Somehow I've written up 8 different 'to-do' lists and each one has a specific 'deadline' but really the deadline is just 'get done before leaving for The Sun House' - which means I have until Sunday morning.

The first order of business was putting the meat for Sunday's bbq to marinate. Once the wings and shnitzel was bagged, Z shaped the burgers and I sliced up vegetable strips. Z washed dishes (as I broke some) and then I moved all of the spices and chametz stuff from the counters into the kitchen cupboard. Then I tried to gather all of the stuff that needs to come with us and put it near the front door. I've been somewhat successful.

There are still a whole bunch of things to do - but some of them really need to wait until tomorrow morning. The hard part is the fact that we really want to get on the road by no later than 10am which puts a whole lot of pressure on me to get up and moving quite early. Especially if there are things that will take a while to get done.

The bbq should be fun. We're expecting somewhere between 8-11 people. Hopefully there will be enough food, but no leftovers. I'm precooking the wings and potatoes to save on time. The burgers are super-thin and the shish-kabob shouldn't take very long to cook. There will also be a couple of brownies, chocolate chip cookies, leftover FF PBCC cookies and of course the rest of the bread from in my freezer. Of course - we still have to figure out where exactly where we'll be having this party - but that'll just depends on how sunny it is tomorrow.

I'm off to clean the kitchen counters and stovetop. Might as well leave it sparkling clean - right?

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