Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Oooh, Something Shiny!

It was raining this morning when I woke up at a little before 8. Thankfully the rain scared the construction people away, so they didn't come to turn on their noisy machines today.

As I noshed on a couple of FF peanut-butter chocolate-chip cookies I listened to a shiur by Rabbi Orlofsky. The topic was 'redefining Pesach cleaning'. He made a whole batch of interesting points, but the main point was that it's not only the physical chametz that we've got to clean. We also need to take a deep look at our lives and realize what is cluttering us up on the inside.

I got a little grumpy after some introspection. It was about 10am so I woke Z up. He could tell I was a little out-of-sorts so he quickly set about trying to calm me down. How? Well, aside from getting out of bed and starting his day he washed all of the dirty dishes. I couldn't really complain after that. Could I?

As a reward I took a bag of chicken-wings out of the freezer to defrost for his dinner. Cause sometimes I'm nice like that.

I 'skype-d' with Dibble and Freddie for a while.

During the course of the video-chats (and some time both before and after) we tackled the mess in the guest room. First we emptied off the storage shelves and wiped down all of the shelves. Then we moved all the furniture around. Finally we started the process of putting everything back neatly on the shelves. Amazingly enough we threw out an overflowing trash-bag of garbage.

I know it wasn't quite in the spirit of rosh chodesh but I decided that since we had taken all of the stuffed animals off of the shelves that they should be washed before going back to the shelves. I washed 2 loads of stuffed animals which got about 1/2 of the animals in the guest room collection clean. They smell delicious and clean and I'm pretty sure that they were smiling quite happily after their baths.

Tomorrow the rest will take their turns. I'm also hoping to tackle my clothes closet and the medicine cabinet tomorrow. They're in desperate need of a straightening-up. I guess I should also deal with the sheets for the guest beds - since they'll need to be changed for Shabbos.

The last 2 things on my list for tomorrow are kitchen-related. I'm hoping to shape and coat my mint-chip-truffles and I'm planning on attempting my first ever cake-balls (since I have leftover cake in the freezer which really needs to get used somehow.) I'm hoping the cake balls turn out well so that I can send them to school with Z. That would be a real win/win situation for everybody involved.

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