Sunday, April 17, 2011


Wake-up was at around 6:15 this morning. I forced myself to stay in bed until a little before 7. By 7:30 I was in the kitchen hard at work cleaning the counters. I cleared off the drying racks and put everything away. Then I poured 'anti-calc' on the icky calcified parts of the counter and let it sit for a couple of minutes. After that it was just a matter of wiping everything down. Next I scrubbed the stove-top and after squeegeeing all of the water into the sink I cleaned the sink out with some bleach-spray. Thanks heavens for heavy duty gloves. Finally the kitchen was clean.
Packing everything up didn't take very long and by 9:40 we were in the car and ready to go. We made it to The Sun House at a little before 11 and our first stop was at the parentals to drop off all of the suitcases.
Then we drove to RBS to pick up A&E.
We made our way to the eucalyptus park and set up the grill. It took a couple of tries but eventually we got the fire going. By the time The Freddies, Phil and Soldier-boy showed up the chicken-shish-kabobs were done and so were a bunch of the burgers, the hotdogs didn't take long at all. We pre-cooked the wings last night so it was a quick matter of heating them up and the vegetable-kabobs went on last and were a nice wind-down to the meal. Last but not least, a whole bunch of cookies and brownies for dessert. There were a bunch of leftovers so we called Yo'Abba and asked him if he'd like to come and get some lunch. He was very excited so he popped over and enjoyed a snack with us.
After bentching we all split up. The siblings went to find some things in the shopping center in RBS, Yo'Abba took Sarah Leah to the bus stop on his way Home and the rest of us took A&E back to their house. We then dropped them off at the bus-stop before going to BIG to pick up some toothpaste for Pesach and a new book as a present for me.
The rest of the afternoon flew by in a flurry of cleaning and cooking preparations. There's still plenty of cooking to do tomorrow - but just about all of the cleaning is done. Phil baked her first batch of 'Phil's Famous Passover Brownies' and I got the honor of writing names on the girls water-bottles.
For dinner most people are going out for shwarma - but the FructMals will be staying in. There was talk of going to Jeru - as is our family custom - but I'm not so sure whether that's actually going to happen. Personally, I am so tired that I haven't got the energy for another hour in the car and a bunch of walking around.
I think I'll go see what else we can get done. Freddie is hiding little 'chametz packets' around the house to make the 'search' more fun. Hope we find them all...

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