Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tiny Toilet!

Today was much more 'low-key' than yesterday. First we went grocery shopping at SuperH with Savta. I drove the car, Meanma & Z came too. We got the ingredients for lemon-chiffon truffles and smooth-orange truffles.

Lunch was a delicious snack of little white fishies and tomato vegetable soup. There was potato soup for the frutozoids too. The Crazy Lady baked a zillion cakes last night so we sampled all of them. Nut cake, Bubby's chocolate cake, Rich chocolate cake, Blondies (which we won't be making again - since they had the texture of peach-fuzz) and there were some brownies left from chag too.

Our last outing was to BIG where we got filled the car tank with petrol (cars get thirsty too.) Then we stopped at the pharmacy to get some allergy meds for Z (who has been sneezing his brains out his nose for the last couple of weeks) and then to the bookstore because they were having a crazy sale and we needed new material to read for Shabbos and Chag.

Dinner was an awesomely delicious bbq - chicken wings, hot dogs, shnitzels and chicken-legs - all seasoned to perfection. As a side there were baked potato wedges and salad. Dessert was more of the awesome chocolate cake.

And yet we have to wonder - Do you pee cold pee after peppermint tea? I know - it's a bit of a personal subject - but it's more of a catchy rhetorical question that anything else. Don't believe us - just recite it aloud in a singsong tune.

Shiny, huh?

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