Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yemenite Soups

Goodness gracious time has flown on by. Last I updated it was Thursday and today is Tuesday. Let me see, what's been going on...Well, Friday was a quiet sort of day. We didn't do anything spectacular to speak of. Actually we just bummed around the house and prepared for Shabbos. The only exciting thing was our outing to BIG where we picked up some new reading material for the rest of the 'weekend' and some allergy-meds for Z (so he'd stop sneezing for 5 minutes.)
Shabbos was a lot of fun though. The afternoon flew by in a blur of a dozen games of 'Settlers' - I actually lost count - but the good news is that I won a few. Saturday night was super-busy for me - I scrambled around the house organizing birthday streamers and hanging birthday signs for Soldier-boy.
Sunday was erev-chag again. First I went on a grocery-store run with Meanma which culminated in a grocery-drop-off at S&S. We also made a quick detour to the pharmacy to pick up some decongestant as a birthday present for the birthday-dude. I wrapped it in leftover streamers. Back at the house everyone was getting geared up to go to the beach. I packed my bag and got in the car but never quite made it off the street - the plight of a spazztastical fructozoid. On the bright side - since it was early I had plenty of time to make a batch of Annie's Lemon Chiffon Truffles and I even tweaked the recipe and made a batch of Smooth Orange Truffles.
Chag pretty much flew by too. We were kind of sad to see it go. After all the work preparing for it (and the amazing food that we ate all week) we were hoping it would maybe stick around for an extra week or two. Alas, all good things must end. After havdala we packed up the car (with all of our vacation-spoils), picked up Sara and got on our way back to the-middle-of-nowhere.
Tuesday dawned bright and beautiful. I was woken up by the sound of construction right outside my bedroom window (though I didn't hear it until 7:30 - so either I was tired or they started late in honor of Isru Chag.) I hopped out of bed quite excited to be back at Home. At a little before 11 I picked up Sara and we drove out to Sha'ar Binyamin to go our first post-Pesach grocery 'stock-up' shopping. The place was a crazy mobbed zoo of sorts - so we got whatever we could then got out of there. We didn't mind cutting the trip a bit short since Sara needed to get back to class.
After dropping off Sara's groceries at her caravan I drove her to the upper-campus then continued up the mountain. Z helped me carry everything inside and then helped me put everything away. Now the house is more or less restocked and I'm ready to start cooking and baking again.
I didn't want to waste the rest of the day so I decided to do a bit of gardening. red peppers, orange peppers and apple seeds are now planted in my 'leftover' planters. I'm wondering whether anything will actually grow.

I'm also super excited for Shabbos - which is still a few days away - because Freddie and Sara will be joining us! (Mr. Freddie is flying off for the weekend to sing in a far-away-land.) Anyway - now I've just got to work out the menu. HaveI mentioned that I'm really looking forward to it?

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Freddie is now called George. You should make mention of that in your next post so as to throughly confuse your readers.