Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Z's Magic Stick...

By 9:00 am I had accomplished the following:
Woken up Z.
Cooked up a cup of pasta and made a container-full of sun-dried tomato pasta salad for Z to take for lunch - along with 2 'mini' Reeses cups.
Warmed up a homemade bagel and made a pizza-bagel with homemade tomato sauce for Z for breakfast.
Divided the mint-chip-truffle dough into blobs and put them to chill.
Put the 1st load of the day of stuffed animals into the washer.
Entertained (been entertained) by Dibble via Skype.
Rolled the mint-chip-truffles into neat little balls and returned them to the freezer to harden before commencing chocolate coating.

I ate a lemon chiffon truffle, 2 FF PBCC cookies and licked mint-chip-truffle stuff off my fingers for breakfast.

As a little break I watched an episode of 'Greek'. By 12:00 I had added the following to my list of activities:
Moved the first load of today's stuffed animals into the dryer.
Phone conversation with the guests who will be joining us for Shabbos.
Video-chat with Phil.
Chocolate coating the mint-chip truffles.
Preparing and shaping the cake-balls. (I got 40 out of about 1/4 of a cake recipe. That's a lot of cake balls.)
Washing all of the pareve dishes.

Put the second load of stuffed animals into the washing machine.

For lunch I ate a big bowl of Persian rice with a bowlful of potato-chips. Of course I sampled a mint-chip truffle too - just to make sure they tasted good. I mean, somebody had to.
By 2:30 I had also:
Switched laundry loads and freed the now clean, soft and fluffy fuzzies from their pillowcase prisons.
Chocolate coated the yellow-cake balls and decorated them with sprinkles.
Prepared, shaped and chocolate coated 30 chocolate-cake balls. I also decorated them with white-chocolate rosettes.
I moved the now finished mint truffles into a plastic container and cleared off most of the counter.Z came Home at a little before 5 just as I finished snacking on potato chips and 2 more FF PBCC cookies. I force-fed him cake truffles - just to find out if they were actually edible. We also fed one to one of the guys from upstairs - since I needed an objective opinion. I got thumbs-up on all fronts. Z said that they remind him of 'Entenmanns Munchkins' and that they're very moist. He also said that they are almost fudge-like in consistency. (I'm assuming thats a good thing since most people like fudge. Also good to note that most people also don't like dry baked-goods that stick in the throat and make them wish they hadn't eaten them.)

Continuing on the 'productive activity' list - we neatly arranged all of the now clean stuffed animals on the 2 shelves designated for them. They're quite thrilled to be free instead of stuck in a laundry basket, piled on top of one another, secured from certain 'falling' by a big mesh bag. Yeah - I can definitely understand why they'd be happier now.

I should probably figure out what to make for dinner, but that just seems like a lot of work. There's still enough chicken leftover from Shabbat for one more meal - though I would have to come up with some sort of side-dish for the picky picky whatshisface.
Tomorrow night's dinner is all sorted out - pizza fish with crash baked potatoes. I've also got lots more stuff to do tomorrow. Shabbos prep and whatnot. Thankfully the challot and desserts are all in the freezer. Z will take the cake truffles down to studio which means 2 cakes & all that frosting will officially be out of the house. Woohoo!

My brain is whirring with all of the stuff that is already done and all of the stuff that is still on the list. The 'to-do' and 'to clean' lists don't seem to be getting any shorter but I know I've been busy. Busy busy busy. Oh so busy.

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