Monday, May 09, 2011

Chop 'em Down...

Shabbos was absolutely delightful. We had Timmy the Soldier Boy with us. The day flew by and we were sad to see it go. Motzei Shabbos turned into somewhat of an adventure and culminated in a Portal-2 victory song.I spent Sunday morning wasan early one - first I got up at 6:30 to say goodbye to Timmy then I went out and about with Sara. We went to 'town' and I finally bought envelopes to send some snail-mail letters. Leftover chicken soup for lunch was really great. Z didn't do very much school-work which means that we watched quite a bit of tv. I fell asleep at 10:30pm about 5 minutes into the season finale of 'Fringe'.This morning was a decent wake-up time. I mean, I can't really complain about getting 9 consectutive hours of sleep. I went out with Sara again. Just a quick outing to pick up some eggs and potato chips (you know, the staples.) Back at Home I was a little bit bored so I called Sara and told her to come and keep me company. She was lonely studying in her caravan so she agreed to come over.
In the meantime Z called the cousins to see if there was anything we could bring to the family bbq planned for Tuesday. Then he volunteered me to bake bread for the whole shebang. Mind you, I have no problem baking bread - and I don't mind baking lots of it - but it's kind of hard to bake enough bread for 50 people when you have a small oven that only comes with 2 trays not to mention only fits 1 tray inside at a time... Do you see where this is going?Suffice it to say - from 11:30am until 9:00pm I was baking bread. 3 batches of hamburger buns (that's 48 rolls), 3 batches of hot-dog buns (that's 47 rolls - cause 4 got absconded with), and 20 tomato basil rolls - for a grand total of 115 rolls. Will that be enough to feed 50 hungry people at a family all-you-can-eat BBQ? Honestly, I have no idea. I'm hoping it will be because I don't really want to have to bake any more for a few days.
On the bright side - it was a learning experience. I've never actually tried to shape an entire trayful of hotdog buns before. Turns out that if you are lazy and let them grow into one another they don't look nice at all. I resolved the situation with some aluminum-foil. I made myself some 'bread cradles' and managed to fit 16 rolls onto the tray. They grew beautifully and thanks to the foil they kept their shape and crusted really nicely.
As if baking that much bread wasn't a lot of work I made dinner too. We sat down to a delicious dinner of chicken piccada (made ff with barley flour) and garlic rice (or just plain rice for the fructozoid.)

During dinner we watched the Yom Haatzmaut fireworks (from the 'country club') and after dinner we watched some quick tv. Then we drove Sara back down to the campus - it was all foggy and icky out and we didn't want her to have to walk down all alone.)

Tomorrow is going to be super busy. I can't really think about it too much or my head starts to spin. I just keep hoping that there will be enough bread...

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