Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For the Children!

Not too much happened today. It was a quiet sort of morning. I drizzled potato chips with white and dark chocolate as an experiment after seeing someone chocolate-dip chips in Tastespotting a few days ago. For the record - they're the perfect salty/sweet combo - but use good chips and good chocolate for the best results.
I added some more recipe-cards to the photo-book-file. I'm up to 190 now. I'm aiming for 198 - but it's going to take some brainstorming. I've already included all of my favorites.

Z washed all of the dishes without me asking and I ate a lot of chicken soup.

I got the nicest phone call from Sara Kapara. She was in a huge 'American Product' store somewhere on the coast and wanted to know if there was anything I could think of that I wanted. She really wanted to buy me a present. I told her to surprise me and she brought me the coolest collection of things ever!!!!

Lyle's Golden Syrup - to experiment with because supposedly fructozoids can tolerate it.
Almond Butter - because I can't get it ground finely enough to satisfy in my food processor.
Almond Paste - because I really want to make marzipan.
Vanilla Cane Sugar - it's exactly what it sounds like, and it's going to be reserved for super special things like flavoring my almond milk!
Coffee Extract - because it's something new and fun to use for her birthday! I love flavorings and extracts!
Light Corn Syrup - because I'm almost out and I can't make caramel popcorn or taffy without it.
Mini Oreos for Z - cause we like him too.

Definitely the awesomest present!!! I am super duper excited to get into the kitchen!!!
Tomorrow is another day - hopefully more exciting things will happen. It's also 'Student Day' here are our local 'University Center' - so there aren't any classes. Just a lot of partying and having fun.

I'm thinking of attempting some sort of pizza-type-thing with no dairy and very little sauce... On second though - maybe I'll make myself some almond milk and some cookies.

Yeah - milk and cookies sounds good.

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