Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Car, Little Star...

I had such high hopes for today - but they came to nothing.

After another sleepless night with a ridiculously early wake-up I was frustrated to no end. I must have eaten something bad - looking at my food-journal the only thing I see which may have cause some sort of reaction was roasted salted cashews. I guess I just ate too many of them (though I only bought about 3/4 cup so I'm not quite sure how many is too many...)

I'm currently off of dairy following a cheese-induced all-out spazz-attack in my gut last week.

That doesn't leave me with too much to eat or very much desire to cook.

Z wound up bringing a friend over yesterday to work on a project. I played 'nice wife' and made pasta with a mushroom wine sauce and a batch of chocolate chip cookies for them to enjoy for lunch. My meal? A cold boiled potato. Yum, my favorite.

Back to today - I had planned on baking FF stuff for myself but was feeling 'icky' (for lack of a better term) so decided not to.

I did wash 2 loads of laundry and fold 3 loads. I also watered the plants and sat staring at my cute little pepper sproutlings - they're poking their little green stems up out of the soil and are just oh so cute!

I also got a call from the 'BBQ Committee' - they asked me to bring desserts for 50 people on Thursday night. I'm a little at a loss for what to make. I'm thinking a 9x13 pan of sugar cookie bars and a 9x13 pan of jam crumble bars. If I'm feeling super nice maybe I'll make a little bundt cake too - they're super easy and all.

I've also been informed that Wednesday night may be morphing into a 'boy night' here. Little Brother is scheduled to visit, and now Z may be having a the usual 'game crew' over. It would be really nice if everyone came - that's for sure. I'm making the same stuff anyway. Hotdogs wrapped in soft-pretzel, Wings, Potato wedges, sliced veggies and something awesome (and still undecided) for dessert.

For dinner tonight I served Z some Parmesan and breadcrumb coated Tilapia along with the leftover couscous stuffed tomatoes (yes, from Thursday - but I drizzled them with some more olive oil.)

I mapped out my journey for Thursday to Freddie's house and I'm actually really excited about it! I just have to keep up my enthusiasm and keep telling myself that I can do it!

Tomorrow I'll be going grocery shopping with Renat and Sara. It's going to be fun and it'll be out of the house - which we all know is a good thing for me.

For some weird reason I kept think that today was either Tuesday or Wednesday and it kept throwing me off - because I felt like I had so much to do - but I really didn't. The day confusion took a toll though and I was unable to relax very much. As a result - I am really tired now.

Here's to hoping that tonight my earplugs stay put and I can actually sleep straight through the night without waking up feeling sick. I really got used to sleeping through the night and I must admit, I rather enjoy it.

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