Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lovable Timmy

For some randomly inexplicable reason I didn't sleep too well last night. Aside from the mosquito buzzing around the bedroom at 3am, I just couldn't seem to sleep. It's been a while since that happened. I'm hoping we don't have any repeats because I really like sleeping through the night. Anyway - I woke up on the early side (after a 2 hour 'wake break' in the middle of the night.)Like a crazy person I was worried that the 7 batches of bread I baked yesterday wouldn't be enough to feed 50 people. As a result (and because Z didn't bother stopping me - since he was too busy sleeping) I put together 2 batches of Buttery Quick Rolls - which I love because they only take 50 minutes from start to finish.The ride to Ginot didn't take very much time at all. Why do I always think that it's so much further? The ride was even quicker than going to The Freddies' house. Kind of crazy if you ask me.At the cousins' house there was a lot going on. An enormous spread of foods - including GF & FF options.
Little Simon tasted some pickles and olives (much to his mother's chagrin - she's not a pickle fan you see...) To her delight he decided that he wasn't actually a pickle fan either.
We had a lot of fun with the extended mishpacha. I caught up with the cousins and enjoyed spending time with everybody. I played some words-with-friends with Phil, watchedn Mean'ma crochet and learned that just one checkbox is keeping me from creating VPN 'tunnel' connections and surfing the 'web' simultaneously.
A few hours later the sun was sinking in the sky. As night approached we decided to say our goodbyes and get going - since the little road we were planning on taking home has no street-lights whatsoever.
We were back in the middle of nowhere in under 25 minutes. It was crazy quick! After cropping Sara off at caravan-city we went Home.
And so ends Israel's 63rd birthday celebrations.
It was a pretty good one! Here's to another one next year!!!

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