Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May the 4th Be With You...

Today was a pretty boring standard sort of day.

I woke up on the early side and was nice enough to let Z sleep for another 2 hours - well, til' 8:30 anyway...

After a session of self-torture (aren't home-waxing kits fun?) I chatted with Sarah Leah and kept her virtual company while she sat through a really boring computer class.

Breakfast was the most extraordinary part of my day. It was beyond amazing. If I'd been at a restaurant the food wouldn't have tasted 1/4 as good and would've cost some 60 shekels. I enjoyed oat-flour pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup (which I retested and found about 1-Tbsp to be tolerable if I watch my sugar-intake for the rest of the day!) My drink-of-choice was THE most incredible hot chocolate that I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. It was 100% pareve - made from homemade almond milk, cocoa powder and some powdered sugar. Absolutely amazing. (I'll admit - I had 2 servings - one was Cadbury's drinking chocolate and the other was a mix of my own.) It was thick, creamy and dreamy - and completely pareve! Best part - it didn't make me feel the slightest bit ill - which hot chocolate and coffee always do! Suffice it to say - I have found my #1 reason for making almond milk on a regular basis!

Lunch was back to basics - rice and potato chips (it's been about 2 weeks since I ate such a bad meal) - though my 'brownie for dinner' probably filled that slot a few hours later. (What was that about watching sugar intake? Riiiight... Thankfully it didn't put me over the edge because I've been really good for the last few days.)

I made a nutritious dinner for Z. He got 'pizza fish' made on tilapia. I also heated up some of the leftover potato-latkes in the oven so that they'd crisp up and he seemed to enjoy them.

I shmoozed with Freddie on the phone and later I video-chatted with Phil - which means I spoke to both my thithters today! Hooray!

It's hard to believe that today was Wednesday. Mostly because that means tomorrow is Thursday which means that I really have to decide what I'm making for Shabbos - mostly because I'm supposed to cook it tomorrow! Too much pressure! Yikes! Shabbos is insane - it's like making Thanksgiving every single week! Craaaaaziness!

Yo'Abba and Soldier Boy might be coming tomorrow and if they do I'll need to make something yummy for them too. So many things to think about.

Have I mentioned my latest obsession - stuffing vegetables? I want to put cheesy breadcrumbs into mushrooms, and spiced couscous into cherry tomatoes, and seasoned rice into big tomatoes and p'titim into 8-ball squash, and of course the standard meat stuffed peppers... I've got all these recipes bookmarked and I really want reasons to make them!

I've also been offered the opportunity to bake-cater a 'desserts' bat mitzvah at the beginning of June! I think I'm going to accept the challenge because I am a huge fan of the client and because it seems like a really fun project - though it'll be a whole lot of work! I guess work is good though - keep me busy and all. Right? Right.

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