Friday, May 06, 2011

Portal Too...

I have a confession to make. These pictures are from yesterday. Don't be sad that I didn't post yesterday - I meant to but then I didn't quite get around to it. Nothing exciting happened. So you didn't miss out on anything. I made chicken soup and baked some cookies. Z went to school but since it was Thursday he came Home for lunch. I made a batch of pizza dough and turned it into 4 personal mini-pies and 2 big mushroom & onion stuffed calzones. The house smelled really good. I finally took our new little vacuum out of its box and used it! It works great and I had so much fun watching the dirt spin around in the easy-empty canister.
Friday morning dawned on the very early side - I was up at 5am. At around 9 Z left for 'town' - he went to pick up the 'salatim' and a few other random things. He was home in under an hour. At a little after 10:30 our guests and delivery arrived.
Yo'Abba and Timmy the Soldier Boy drove out to the middle of nowhere with a special delivery. A nice new rug (courtesy of S&S) for the office, and a new-again computer desk for the desktop. We switched desks because the 'new' one has shelves up on top. Now the tower and printer are up on the shelves instead of on the floor. We also hooked up our fancy-dancy speakers! It's super cool!
After setting up the desk and organizing the cords with wire-ties we sat down for a delightful bagel brunch. Bagels with cream cheese, tomatos, lettuce and onions. There was coffee too with cookies for dessert!
Eventually Yo'Abba had to head back to The Sun House but Timmy is staying over for Shabbos.
Here's a rundown of the menu -
Friday night: salatim, roasted garlic, chicken soup with matzah balls, pastel (meat pie), peas, garlic rice

Shabbos lunch: salatim, mushroom quiche, sushi, potato cheese bake, tossed salad

Seudah shlishit: sliced veggies with salatim, crackers and leftovers from lunch
Timmy helped make the pastel, the sushi rice, the quiche and then sharpened all of my knives. Z washed all of the dishes and then washed the floor and took out the garbage. In the meantime I sat back and watched them work.
All of the preparations were finished a whopping 4 hours before candle-lighting. I took a nice early shower and the guys played a computer game. I love being able to relax on Fridays.

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