Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tapu Chips

I know, I know - I totally forgot to post yesterday. It's not even like it was a busy day. I had all these big plans but didn't end up doing anything I had wanted to. (Probably a good thing since it involved a lot of baking and I ate 8 cookies from the freezer anyway...) Basically I spent yesterday in front of the computer. I watched some pointless tv. I also finalized a logo and worked on a book-cover design. The only thing I did that made me feel somewhat accomplished involved the 'family cookbook' that I have been arranging and re-arranging for the last 8 months. I have resized it 7 times so far - which is a bit much for any book.
As you may (or may not) remember I have been trying to find an economical way to print my collection of recipes. At this point I owe 4 people copies, I will owe another 3 copies in the next few months and over a dozen people have asked when they'll be able to get copies. I have been sending the book out in PDF form to certain special people - with a disclaimer that clears me of all responsibility with regard to typos - since I typed everything myself.
Anyway, I spent the majority of my day yesterday reformatting the recipes - 'one more time' - this time the plan is to print them as 10x15 photos and insert them into a photo album. I figure that this way the recipes themselves will be protected behind plastic and it might not be the most convenient book size, but people can move recipes around as they wish. All in all it seems like a good way to get it done. Plus getting photos printed and buying an album will come out about 150 shekel cheaper than getting the book printed at one of the 'photo book printing' places.
This morning I was awake at a little after 6 - thanks to the trucks outside and a painfully full bladder. I hopped out of bed feeling quite cheery and decided to make something special for Z.
I had bookmarked this recipe for one bowl waffles a few weeks ago and had been meaning to try it out. 'No time like the present' was what I figured. The batter came together quickly and I was amazed that I was able to find the waffle iron in the cupboard. The recipe made 10 waffles and Z ate 2 of them for breakfast. Theoretically you're supposed to be able to leave the batter in the fridge all week and use it as needed - but who really wants to get their waffle iron dirty so many times? I figured we'd go the way of 'Eggo' and freeze them then heat them up in the toaster. Since I was planning on reheating them I figured I should give the waffles a bit of a moisture-boost - so I used buttermilk (actually truth be told I made them pareve and used soy-buttermilk.)
Z actually got out of bed before 9 to eat his super-special breakfast. I was impressed.
The rest of the day is going to be busy. It is Thursday after all. I've already got chicken soup cooking, chicken defrosting, challot made, matzah ball goop chilling and I'm off to do some more in the kitchen. Desserts and food. Busy busy busy.
Wish me luck!

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