Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"But I Bought That Paper..."

Last night Z had a friend come over to help him iron out some details with the studio project. His friend was extremely helpful and set a deadline for Z by offering to come back in the morning to check on the progress.

I had extended an invitation to Freddie, but didn't know whether she was going to accept the offer. I figured that since she's done with school, she could come on over and we could bake challah together.
I started off the morning by washing the dishes (which had accumulated) since Sunday. (Yuck. I know.) Then I checked on my little garden and watered all the plants.

By 9 Z's friend had arrived so I tried to be as quiet as I could be while they looked over the project. Until Freddie called. She said she would be delighted to come over.
I looked through the fridge and found 2 nectarines and 1 yellow apple that desperately needed to either be used or tossed. I decided to use them to make mini-galettes (miniature free-form tarts) so I put together a pate sucree and while it was in the fridge chilling Freddie arrived.

She made the challah dough (cause sometimes 2 hands are better than 4) and then while it rose out on the sun-drenched porch we relaxed. When the dough was almost risen I rolled out, filled and crimped the galettes. Then we shaped the challahs. The dough was steaming hot when we punched it down - that is some fierce sun out there! While the braids rose the tray of galettes baked. Then we swapped trays and baked the bread.
We learned all sorts of important things today. (Some we already knew - but we reminded ourselves of them) such as the fact that cumin and cinnamon are not the same and also that cinnamon and nutmeg are not the same. So - don't put cumin in your cottage cheese, and don't put cinnamon in your lasagna filling.

We also wrote out menus for shabbos. Not only did we make menus for ourselves - we decided to make the same thing. Then we called The Crazy Lady and told her that she should make it too. So - we will all be enjoying Yo'Abba's favorite chicken and rice salad. (You know, the one with yellow rice, chicken and salami in it...)

Once the challahs were cool we packed them up (along with a couple of mini-galettes) and Freddie headed home. She had some errands to do before picked Mr. Freddie up from the train and she needed to make dinner at some point in-between. She sure is one busy lady.
I bagged&tagged my challah loaves and worked on the 'Snoopy' project while watching some tv and eating some rice. Then I realized that it was 6:30pm! (The days have been flying by lately!) So, I offered to make Z some dinner.

Oven-broiled chicken wings glazed with a honey mustard bbq sauce sounded easy enough to me. So that's what I threw into the oven. I also made some couscous on the side.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. The first day of 'studio presentations' and grocery shopping day. So I guess I'll be going to the store all-alone. (It's ok - it goes a bit quicker that way anyway.) My list is written and I'm all ready to go.

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