Monday, June 06, 2011

Defying Gravity

Early morning. They were banging outside the window at 5:45 this morning. Then at 7 they stopped and left - for the day. Idiots.

But I was awake - so I got up and decided to be productive. I baked 3 batches of brownies. While they were cooling I reorganized the freezer. As the batches cooled I used my cute little round cookie cutters and did some arts-n-crafts. I was left with 84 little brownie bites. (There's a picture a little further on in the post.)
I spoke to The Crazy Lady and Ora and 2 wrong-numbers on the phone. Then I spoke to Freddie for a few hours on Skype - we worked on her paper some more. (It's coming along quite nicely! Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow.)

She was about ready to take a break when Z called to ask whether his friends could come over for a 'game night'. Considering it's finals period - they really need a break now and again - so I said it was ok. Then I realized that I had nothing to make for dinner so I decided to go out.

I got in the mood to look cute - so I slipped on my black flats (instead of the usual naot) and it must've been a good move - cause I'm pretty sure I got checked out a couple of times. (Ego boost!) At Mega I picked up a nice quality spring-form pan (finally) for 1/2 price (12 shekel isn't a bad deal at all!) Then I went out to the industrial-area to get some covers for my 9x13 foil pans. While I was there I picked up some 'super-awesome' chumus from Abu-Dushi the felafel-ria. On my way Home I stopped at the keilim mikvah to 'dip' my new pan - just one less thing to have to worry about.
Z came Home from school early. He offered to make dinner for himself (and his friends.) Rat-ta-too-eee and pasta served with the oatmeal rolls from the freezer.

In the meanwhile I baked up a triple batch of sugar-cookie-bars. I think I'm going to give them the same sort of treatment that the brownies got - but I think I might use a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Then I just have to frost them then wrap them.

I'm also going to mix up the dough for crinkle-cookies. I didn't really want to make them because I don't think they look so pretty after freezing - but they're the tastiest that I've got in my repertoire that don't involve common allergens - like nuts...
Tomorrow morning is going to be crazy busy. I'll have to bake the cookies, pack for chag, straighten up the house and then head off to The Sun House.

I wanted to go as early as possible but now that I'm thinking about it I'll be there again early next week - on a regular weekday - so that might be a better time to visit the stores that I want to go to.

Maybe I won't have to leave as early as I thought I would.

Still - there's a lot to get done before we go.

Wish me luck!

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