Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flying Locust Attack

Friday wound up being quite the crazy-day (as expected) but I pulled through.

Ayala and both her brothers came to stay for the weekend and it was a whole lot of fun. We played a lot of 'Settlers' (don't we always?) and there was a good mix of 3 and 5 player games.

We took 'early' shabbos which meant that we got to eat dinner at a 'normal' hour which was nice - because it resulted in getting a good night's sleep.

The meals were super-simple but everything turned out really well.

Friday night: Roasted garlic, salatim, pickles, chicken soup, matzah balls, regular roast chicken (4 kirayim), couscous, peas, white rice, glazed sweet potatoes.

Shabbos Lunch: Roasted garlic, salatim, pickles, savory meat roll, zaatar chicken (just white meat from 2 chickens), pineapple kugel, sliced veggies (peppers, carrots & cucumbers), white rice.

Desserts: PB&J bars, brownie pieces, FF oatmeal cookie 'pizza-brittle-thingamajig'

Z also brewed up 6 liters of his amazing iced tea and another 2 liters of his superb mint-lemonade.

Although it was quite warm on Friday, it cooled down considerably on Shabbos. The cooling trend continued Saturday night and I was excited to put on a cozy sweatshirt.

After Shabbos ended I got back to 'bat-mitzvah-prepping'. I melted 2 bars of baking chocolate and started dipping pretzels. Ayala was amazing and helped me out - which cut the workload and time in half - while making it a lot more fun and enjoyable. Altogether we only dipped 2 bags of pretzels. It doesn't seem like a lot - but it was a really time-consuming process. It took the 2 of us close to 2 hours to get it done and we were working at a pretty good speed. (I ended up with some extra chocolate - but I'm sure I can find a worthwhile use for it tomorrow...)

Speaking of tomorrow - Meanma and Yo'Abba will hopefully be coming to visit us. We're going to thin out the pepper plantlings together. I've got to figure out what exactly to make for lunch... it's a complicated situation. Regular food for the dudes and FF stuff for the fructozoids. On the bright side - I'm pretty sure Yo'Abba will enjoy the PB&J bars - so I'm glad we have a few leftover.

It's going to be another early morning since I have to get all 4 cakes and a triple batch of cookies baked and packed up before our guests arrive. I have until mid-afternoon - but in my book - the earlier the better.

Shavua Tov Everybody!

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