Friday, June 24, 2011

Jesus Crisis!!!

#0 - Don't let the colorblind one color the lemonade...
#1 - Dinosaur shnitzels ARE indeed the optimal breakfast food.
#2 - It is unacceptable to follow a wife around the house and demand that she stay out of your way.
#3 - Greenish lemonade may still be safe to consume.
#4 - Washing dishes works best when water is used.
#4 - Laughter is the best ab workout ever.
#5 - Salami comes with its own little hairs sometimes - do not be alarmed.
#6 - The cheapest place to buy Russian beer is not at a Russian alcohol spot, but at an honest to goodness Russian grocery store.
#7 - There is no Russian grocery store in the center of town.
#8 - When the car is in park - it will not go. Even if there is a green light.
#9 - Z claims to exist 'just to annoy me' - I'm willing to believe it.
#10 - When the music ends, it is eerily quiet. Somebody turn it back on.

Birthday weekends are awesome.

The End.

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