Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Last Rabbit...

'Root Beer Weekend' was awesome.

On Friday morning we went out 'to town' to run the usual Shabbos errands. We picked up my epilator from the post-office, bought dinosaur-shnitzels for breakfast, exchanged wine for grape juice and picked up 'fresh' chumus from the chumusia in the industrial area.

The cooking didn't take long at all and it was a pleasure (as always) to have Timmy the Soldier Boy around to help. (He even vacuumed the rug!) We decided to skip the store-bought salatim and made home-made matbucha instead. We laughed so hard that I actually cried and the pictures (and video clips) barely do the day justice. Amo arrived a few hours before candle lighting. Then we had a relaxed start to Shabbos. I drove the guys down to shul for 'early' mincha then watched the sunset from our balcony.

The food all came out incredibly amazing... (I don't know why I'm always so surprised that it does.)

Friday Night: Challah, 'Abu Dushi' chumus, homemade matbucha, roasted garlic & cherry tomatoes, chicken soup with matzah balls, pesto chicken, couscous, white rice, peas

Kiddush: mini fruit galettes (apple & nectarine)

Shabbos Lunch: Challah, 'Abu Dushi' chumus, homemade matbucha, roasted garlic, 'Eric's Chicken & Rice Salad' (with homemade roasted red pepper), Roasted chicken fillets with potatoes

Seudah Shlishit: A big ol' basket of sliced vegetables, crackers & dips

Drinks: 6 liters 'not quite snapple', 3 liters lemonade (1.5 pink, 1.5 blue), 1 liter 'homemade' root-beer

About 20 minutes before Shabbos we noticed that the fridge was feeling a bit warm. By the time we had finished the meal the fridge was decidedly not cool but I figured it might be on account of the warm bottles we'd put into it and that it would cool down by the morning. However... in the morning the plug fell out of the wall (yeah, we're still working out how exactly that happened) but suffice it to say that our fridge was no longer plugged in (and it was only 8:30 in the morning.) To be on the 'safe-side' I moved anything 'perishable' into the freezer - then we hoped for the best. 12 hours later Shabbos ended and I plugged the fridge back into the socket. It cycled on. I waited about 20 minutes to see whether the fridge was cooling properly and it seemed to be - so I figured it was safe to move stuff back into the fridge compartment. I pulled cheese and milk out of the freezer and found that the freezer had not only stayed frozen for the 12 hours it had been unplugged but that it was so well insulated that things that I'd thrown in from the fridge had begun to freeze! I have to say I was pretty impressed with the thing. Thankfully the fridge seems to be working fine now. (This happened a couple of times last summer too - for some reason the motor needs to be 'reset' every once in a while. I guess it's just one of those quirks you get used to living with.)

I drove Timmy down to the Jeru bus at 9:09 pm and we waited until it pulled up to the stop. Then he was off for another week of army-ness. I think I found him a new author to obsessively read - so I can officially consider the weekend a smashing success.

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