Wednesday, June 29, 2011


By 8:50 this morning I was on the road. I picked up Sara and Shlomo and off to Yesh we went. Z came too. The shopping trip didn't take very long and I was very excited because all of the potato-chips were 25% off.
We dropped everyone off at their respective places and then rushed Home to unpack the groceries. Then I pack up my flip-flops and drove off to Petach Tiqwa to pick up Freddie. Then we said g'bye to Mr. Freddie and headed off to Modiin.
We made it to the mall in no-time and met up with The Crazy Lady, Yo'Abba and Phil. We walked into the nail-salon right on time for our appointments. It was a really nice place - a whole row of pedi-chairs and a lot of colors to choose from. Phil went Lilac, Mean'ma chose pinks and I opted for a slightly redder version of my favorite magenta-y shade. It was highly relaxing and deeeelightful.
Then we wandered around the mall for a little bit before heading back to the cars where The Crazy Lady surprised me with a super-awesome jumbo FF Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie. We snapped a couple of pictures then piled into the car and headed towards Home.
Back in Petach Tiqwa we detoured to the car wash (because cars deserve showers sometimes too.) Then we dropped Freddie off and drove Home.
Did I mention that I kidnapped Phil for the night? She requested peanut-butter ice cream and Z was just the person to make it. He put together the custard and we churned it while dinner was in the oven.
Getting chocolate flakes into the mix was a fun part - but it seems to me that the best part was the 'tasting'(s).
Now it's setting up in the freezer overnight while we enjoy a meat meal of deliciousness. Z did a great job making dinner. (I should leave it up to him more often.)
All in all a highly successful and extremely enjoyable (english) birthday day!

I wonder if the Hebrew one will be able to top it.

Hint hint - wink wink - nudge nudge - to nobody in particular...

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TJ said...

u were in Petah Tikva and didn't come and say hi :(