Sunday, June 19, 2011


Remember a year and a half ago I went to a dr. here in the-middle-of-nowhere and began the search for answers to my stomach issues? Well - I visited him again this morning (for what I hope will be the 2nd and last time ever.) I figured that it was pointless to drive for an hour to spend 5 minutes with a dr. when I could do the same thing locally.

This is how it went down...

I walked into his office when it was my turn and took a seat.
He said something along the lines of "Are you new around here?"
"Nope" I answered. "I actually saw you about a year and a half ago."
Then he swiped my card and when my file opened on his screen he said, "Oh yes! I see you were here about a 16 months ago. I gave you a referral to a dietitian as a consult regarding your weight-problem. I guess it worked miracles, you really look great."
Boy did I get the last laugh as I told him (very - ok well, somewhat politely) that he was an arrogant jerk and that I had never even bothered to call the dietitian.

Thankfully I had on my 'business face' - so he gave me the papers I needed for the bloodwork. I made it out of his office just in time to be the last person to squeeze into the nurses office to get the blood taken. Now I'm waiting for all of the results to come in. Here's to hoping that I'm doing even better than last time.

Back at Home I decided to make Z something nice for lunch. I mixed up a batch and a half of pizza dough then I cooked up a potful of tomato sauce. 9 adorable personal-pies later I made myself comfy on the couch and somehow the day flew by. Before I knew it, the clock read 5:11pm.

Z heated up chicken soup for us for dinner and we ate it while watching 'Will & Grace' - our new time-waste together show. Then he washed all of the dishes cause he's so awesome.

Now he's hard at work on the studio-project. It seems to be coming along nicely. Let's all just cross our fingers that it'll be done by Wednesday.

Tomorrow morning I'm planning on making myself all sorts of delicious treats. I've got a batch of almond milk that needs to get used up - so I'm thinking oat muffins and barley pancakes. Wish me luck!!!

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