Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sequin for 18

I made a dozen root beer cupcakes for Shabbos. Since there were a lot of desserts not all of the cupcakes got eaten. I really didn't want to throw them out but knew that there was no way that Z was going to eat 8 cupcakes himself. So I turned to our latest and greatest social-tool (facebook) and posted an inquiry to see if anyone would adopt-a-cupcake. It didn't take long for responses to come in and 'first-come-first-served' (and a lot of serious love) had me walking down to the university a short 20 minutes later to deliver the goods. While I was at it I packed up the rest of the cookies too - I figured the students would be happy to enjoy them 'post-final-exam' on a Sunday morning.

I strapped on my pedometer (which I noticed hadn't been tracking my steps for the last couple of days) and figured I'd at least get a walk in - which is the reason I didn't drive down the hill. After making the delivery I checked the screen and it was flashing a 'no-battery' signal. I guess it's time to replace the battery. Who would've thunk. I'm really not having much luck with electronics this week and it's only Sunday.

When I got back home I sat down and saw am e-mail waiting in my inbox. It instructed me to print out the attached file, sign it and mail it as soon as possible (before the end of the month) - yes, it was for tax purposes. (See, we do our civic duty and file our taxes.) I figured that since it's pretty much the end of the month that I should send it off as quickly as possible. So, I hopped in the car and went out to town.

After the post-office I stopped at the office supply store and picked up a couple more things I needed for 'the business' including an accounts ledger and a pretty maroon binder to file all of my business-related stuff in.

Back at Home there wasn't much to do. Z called to say that he'd missed the 2pm bus and the next one wasn't until 4:45pm - so he wouldn't be home until 6:30ish. I made myself some basmati rice and ate it with some chicken (leftover from Shabbos) - it was quite a balanced lunch for me.

I 'skype-d' with Rik and the little princess for a while and then Z got home.

He handed me a present saying, "this is an early birthday / thanks for being so patient for the last 2 weeks while I ignored you and worked on schoolwork present" - It looked like a jewelry box. I was a little apprehensive.

I opened the little paper gift bag and took out a jewelry box. Then I carefully opened the box, not sure what to expect, and to my complete surprise there were the perfect sized pearl earrings on real gold studs. I was floored - absolutely speechless - well, for about 10 seconds anyway. The surprise still hasn't worn off. You see - since December 2007 I've been wearing a $5 pair of 'fake pearl earrings' from Claires. They're actually the earrings that I wore at my wedding (yes, I wore fake pearl earring at my own wedding.) However, with daily wear and 'overuse' the paint peeled off of the beads and the backings started corroding a bit. I kept washing them with alcohol and antibiotic ointment but about 2 weeks ago I got a nasty sort of infection - so I stopped wearing the earrings and switched to a pair of gold-dangly earrings instead. I really missed my studs - a lot a lot. Anyway, this morning Z went through my jewelry box (without my knowledge) and took my fake-pearl earrings with him to Jeru. He spent hours going from store to store looking for real pearls that were exactly the same size as my original pair. It was the perfect present. Really really.
As if the earrings weren't enough of a present - he proceeded to take out the trash and wash all of the dishes. How amazing is he?! And it isn't even my birthday yet!

Truth of the matter is that today was a great day. I felt pretty good and got a lot accomplished. I sincerely hope that I feel as good (or better) than I did today on Wednesday - cause it stinks to be sick on your birthday - and because I'm supposed to be driving into Jeru for that mani/pedi!

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