Monday, June 27, 2011

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French fries and iced tea for breakfast after a nice hot shower.
Then we gardened a little bit and soaked up some vitally important vitamin D.
Next a walk down to the university campus - because walking is good for the body and mind. On the way back up the hill I made plans to go out Wednesday morning. I have plans for Wednesday afternoon too, they're just a bit different than what I'd been expecting. Instead of Jeru we're going to Modi'in.
Z came Home from his exam with a notification slip from the post office. The photos had arrived for the cookbooks. We went out to town and picked them up. Back at Home - Z organized all of the photos and I stuffed the albums. They look great!
Leftover chicken from Shabbos and Basmati rice for my dinner. Z got 'pizza fish' - haddock baked with (leftover homemade) matbucha and some mozzarella cheese on top.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to make it into the kitchen to bake a whole bunch of FF cookies for myself. I hope I can motivate myself to actually do it. (Though considering the quantities I tend to consume when I have them might be safer to abstain.)

By the way the plants that the fuzzy-buddies were playing in today are my little pepper-plantlings. They're doing great! I'm hoping that they'll continue to do well and maybe we'll even get some pepper-ful bounty.