Friday, June 03, 2011

Vegans Don't Deserve Good Coffee!

Thursday was pretty boring. I made chicken soup and watched a lot of tv between loads of laundry. When Z got home from school he swept and washed the floors and even set the table for Shabbos. We went to sleep feeling very relaxed because there wasn't much left to do.The last thing I did before going to sleep was to mix up a batch of 'FF' cookies. I used our family-favorite chocolate-chip-cookie recipe, but I substituted 1 cup oat flour and 2 cups barley flour in place of the wheat. Then I let the dough sit in the fridge overnight so that the flours could hydrate properly. This morning my first task was scooping out and baking the cookies. They came out like little cake-bites. Delicious!I decided to be nice and drove Z to town to run the errands (instead of making him take a bus.) The errands didn't take very long and we were Home again in no time. I got back down to cooking.The last thing I put together was the salsa-boreka-roll. I made some salsa, then cooked the meat in it. After it had cooled a bit I spread it on puff-pastry dough then rolled the whole shebang up. Then I baked it. The guys taste-tested it while it was cooling and I think they lliked it - which is good - cause they're getting it for lunch tomorrow.Have a great Shabbos everyone and I'll see ya on the other side when the crazy baking frenzy begins!

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