Friday, June 17, 2011

Watch it Burst

Yesterday I tried to make barley-bread. It flopped. So I spent the day hungry. Well - hungry for real food. I consumed almost 400 grams of potato chips, 3 cups of cooked rice and a chicken breast.

This morning I made a batch of almond milk. It came out much thinner than last time - not quite as creamy and delicious. I figured I'd use the almond pulp to try to make cookies. They flopped. Now I've got no dessert for myself for Shabbos.

Come to think of it - there isn't really very much food for Shabbos in general. There is chicken soup for tonight and I'll saute some chicken breast for tomorrow. Sidedishes are overrated. Gosh it's a good thing my stomach shrank.

Tonight for Z there is: roasted garlic, salatim, challah, chicken soup with matzah balls, 'Chinese Chicken Wings', Jasmine rice, green beans

Tomorrow there will be: roasted garlic, salatim, challah, sauteed chicken breast, Moroccan Spiced Chicken, Jasmine rice, tossed salad/sliced veggies

Desserts this weekend are pretty boring. I messed up a lemon-pound-cake for the bat-mitzvah, so it's been sitting in the house and no one is eating it. This morning I turned it into cake-truffles (which helped use up the buttercream frosting (from the sugar-cookie-bars) and some of the 'coating chocolate' (from the chocolate dipped pretzels)) Z seems to like them - so I guess he'll eat those. As for me - I've got 1 bag of potato chips left. I hope it lasts.

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