Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Your Name...

Happy 'loazi' Birthday to Yo'Abba and to my amazingly awesome Aunt!

I slept in this morning. Seriously. Til' 9. It was absolutely delightful.
When I finally decided to get out of bed I realized that there wasn't very much to do.
When Z finally woke up and got out of bed (two things that happen hours apart) I convinced him to join me in the kitchen.
He obliged and together we assembled the ice-cream maker and churned yesterday's custard into silky smooth and deliciously amazing french vanilla ice cream. All good ice cream needs add-ins just for fun. Z's french vanilla got Oreo cookie bits & Godiva milk-chocolate pearls stirred in.
The little fuzzies adopted 2 of the cookies. They were very pleased to learn that someone out there finally realized that it's hard to hold a full-sized cookie with tiny paws.
Z helped me scoop the ice-cream into a container and then he got to lick the bowl. (Well, lick the spatulas - since licking the bowl probably would have culminated in 'tongue sticking to the bowl'.)
While the ice cream firmed up in the freezer I made us some breakfast. I'm not the biggest fan of 'eggs' but when they're the only thing on the edible-list... sometimes you've just got to give in. I've also found that having boiled potatoes in the fridge at all times is extremely wise. With them I can make hash-browns and eggs and they can all be ready in under 10 minutes. Absolutely brilliant.
The day progressed slowly and I was very excited when Sara called to find out what I was doing. She came over at around 2:30 and we tried to decide where we should go out to. Today was the day she chose to take a 'break' from studying. We went down to the car and figured we'd just drive to somewhere. Somehow we wound up on the university campus - in the physical-therapy 'machlaka' (where a lot of her classmates were studying.) Lucky for me they were studying massage. Off came my clothes and onto a bed I got - always happy to be a body - you know, all in the name of science...
After practicing the movements for her final we went to the other side of town and had some fun in the 'spice store' down there. Then I dropped her off at caravan-town and went back Home.

Z made rice-pasta for dinner for me. He's so great!

We also found out that the bus-company here is starting a new route from the-middle-of-nowhere to Jeru via highways 5 & 1. That means no more nauseating back-road and a lot quicker of a ride. It's only a commuter-route (for now) but it's still exciting news!

Thursday tomorrow already - how can that be? I'm excited for 'quiet shabbos' - very excited as a matter of fact.

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