Wednesday, July 06, 2011

fml ftw...

At 2:30 this morning a rowdy gang of teenagers were throwing glass bottles and all sorts of scrap metal around the construction site behind the building. Needless to say they were yelling and shouting too. It woke me along with a horrible stomachache. I took 4 max-strength pills and managed to fall back asleep by 3:45ish.

At 6 I was up again. Still feeling sick though better than I had felt earlier.

I proceeded to cancel my fun plans for the day (meaning that the car won't be getting looked at this week and messing up my entire schedule.) In addition it means I don't get to go anywhere or do anything fun this week. I'm beyond bummed and I hate myself for it. Kind of depressing if you ask me.

I think the very worst purchase I have ever made might just be the car. It's a financial drain, an added pressure, and it kicks up my anxiety level exponentially. I can't even use it reliably when I need to - which is totally my own fault. An even worse investment than that year in voodoo school or that second year of seminary.

On that note - I have no clue how the heck I'm going to drive us to that wedding on Sunday in Jeru.

Cause it's not pathetic enough that I can't eat (at home or otherwise) now I can't even get more than 30 feet from a toilet - again. Yeah - life is absolutely awesome.

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