Thursday, July 07, 2011

Free For All...

For anyone interested - I finally uploaded ~THE~ cookbook to 'Facebook'. I uploaded in high-resolution so right clicking on a photo will give you an option to save the high-quality photo wherever you choose. You can then print the photos (10x15cm here in The Holy Land) - I'd recommend printing them 'glossy' so they don't lose any of their awesome shine. Then all you need is a 200-slot album to stick them into. TaDa - cookbook!

In other news - Today I spoke to a guy about a job and will actually be making some money in the coming days. (Round of applause people. It's about time.)

We've got 2 guests coming for Shabbos. Ita is coming (for the first sleep-over at our house ever) and SL is coming back again (cause she knows Ita and cause I'm just so ridiculously awesome and she misses me so much when she's not here. Well, she either misses me or the awesome tasting tap-water - but between the two of us - let's pretend she comes to see me.)

I made chicken wings for Z for dinner tonight and he finally finished the couscous from last Shabbos. (Just in time to make some more tomorrow. Just joking, we're having rice and pasta this weekend. Menus will be posted after the food is made.)

Summary of the day:

I asked Z to please wash the dishes that had accumulated over the last 2 days - since I last washed dishes.

He agreed on the condition that I would clear the dry dishes off of the draining-racks before he started.

I put the pareve pots in their cabinet and tossed the plastic containers onto a shelf.

Then I thought of something interesting - it was so intriguing that I wanted to look it up online straight away.

As I walked towards the office I heard Z ask, "are the rest of the dishes on the rack still wet?"

I walked back to the kitchen completely confused - thinking I had completed the task at hand only to realize that I hadn't.

Is ADD contagious?

I think I might have caught it from - oooh look - shiny squirrel!

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