Sunday, July 24, 2011


Friday was super busy. I went to the dentist in the morning then The Crazy Lady & I went up to RBS (where we bought all sorts of fun disposable foil-pans in all sorts of fun single-serving sizes.) Back at the house we cooked and baked up a storm. I made the roasted garlics and baked up a double batch of the FF barley rolls. (They turned out quite nicely - 18 rolls with a 'bread-like' texture. Very very exciting!)
Friday night was delightful and relaxing. We played a game of Settlers after the meal (to give Phil some time to digest before going to sleep.) Shabbos morning started early but lunch was nice and we spent all afternoon playing games too. Settlers & 'Categories' (a new game which was introduced to the fambily by The Freddies.)
Little Brother came over and we were a little too enthusiastic about presenting his birthday cupcakes with some serious flourish. Bob and his gal-pal came over to visit too - thanks to the card game I'm still trying to list various pieces of furniture found in a house and keep imagining road-signs in Israel.
After Havdala Phil, Z and I all watched a movie from 2006 called 'Flushed Away' - Phil & I enjoyed it immensely. Z was less amused, but laughed a couple of times nonetheless.

All was good until around 10:30 when the lights all sort of flickered out - then came back on at 30% capacity - then flickered down to 20%, up to 60% and finally sputtered out along with all of the other electricity. We lit some candles and pulled out the flashlights. Timmy had just passed around (army-issue) 'glow-sticks' for taking to bed or to the bathroom (much safer than candles after all, and less bulky than flashlights) but within 10 minutes power had been restored. For the fun of it I took my glow-stick into bed and the little stuffed animals had a pow-wow around it.
Sunday morning started an hour earlier than planned on account of the power-outage resetting the clocks in the house. (We thought it was 7:30 but really it was 6:30.) We lazed around for a while before packing everything up, gathering all of our stuffs and heading Home. The drive took us an hour and 10 minutes (but we stopped to fill up on petrol and to put air in our tires too.)
Sara D happened to be in The-Middle-of-Nowhere taking care of a few 'end of year' loose-ends. So when she had finished everything she came over to visit. We already miss her and I can't hardly wait for the summer (and hot weather) to fly on by. I say, let the fall semester begin already!!!
In other news - did you know that as a Jewish female you will be unable to be actually fulfilled in your life until you have had a baby? That doesn't work for you for any reason - regardless of whether it's physical/emotional/financial...? Well, that's just too bad. That's just the rule.

(Haha, and you thought you'd be able to be 'fulfilled' when you got married - well, that's just what they told you to get the process started...sucker!!!)

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