Monday, July 04, 2011


Yesterday I did something silly. I decided to trial eating dairy with some lactaid. Only after downing the pill did I realize that it contained mannitol. Silly me downed the pill with the ice cream though - so when the reaction hit 16 hours later I wasn't sure exactly I was reacting too. It wasn't too pleasant. I think it's just easier to stay away from dairy. Oh well - I tried.

On the bright side - I'm considering the sweet potato experiment a success. Now it's time to see how much of it I can eat at once. Since the 2 Tbsp went down ok - I'll up it to 4 - and that's 1/4 cup (which is about how much broccoli I can tolerate in 24 hours.) Isn't this fun?

Today I just about finished the layout of that book cover that I'd been working on. There are a couple of other random things to finish up in the next few days. On Thursday I'm meeting with a new/old client about some work that he's been holding for me. It should be fun to work with him and I'm rather looking forward to the opportunity.

Z and I had a marker-war this morning. I'm not sure who won - but we both got drawn on. Funnily enough the ink on my arms has been scaring me every time I see it out of the corner of my eye. I'm sure it'll come off in the shower with a little scrubbing. (Though, the stripes I landed on Z's arm didn't completely wash off...)

I've got to go to Petach Tiqwa one day this week. The car needs an over-haul type check-up before 'inspection' (which also needs to be done this month) and the closest KIA place is in PT. I figure I can drop the car off early and then hang out at the mall for a while. I could always visit Freddie if she's not busy.

Not sure whether we're having a guest for Shabbos this week. Hopefully I'll find out by Wednesday night so I can figure out whether I need to go shopping or not.

Why does it always smell like smoke outside? Cigarette smoke floating in from the neighbors downstairs, BBQ smoke from the neighbors downstairs, shnasty smoke from the surrounding willages burning their garbage... It's gross. Just in case you were wondering.

Hopefully I'll get out of the house tomorrow. I've been bad for the last 2 days, sitting around on my lazy tuchus.

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