Friday, July 29, 2011

Mannitol Hatred

Thursday was hot and long. Z & I walked all around the lower campus dropping things off and saying hello to friends. Then we went out to Yesh to pick up some groceries (since I hadn't done that in about 3 weeks.) They finally finished paving by the new traffic circle - which we found amusing, because they could have done it weeks ago but the sign said that the project wouldn't be finished until August so they actually waited until the project was supposed to be done to finish it.

I haven't been sleeping well for the last 2 weeks. I'm not sure if it's the heat or the dryness or something I'm eating or what. All I know is that I am beyond exhausted and never feel rested. I have an impossible time falling asleep during the day and when the night comes and I crawl into bed I find myself staring at the dark blank wall - even if I'd been falling asleep on the couch 5 minutes earlier. Maybe it's my bed? I don't know.

Anyway - I woke up at 5:30 this morning with a pretty bad stomachache. Not a clue what it could be from considering I haven't eaten anything 'bad' or even 'questionable' this week. I tried to be really careful with my food intake so that I wouldn't have any problems since we're eating down out 'in the city' tonight. (Yup - just like 2 weeks ago - except we're eating by different people - and then the same 45 minute walk home - in the pitch blackness. Juuuuust delightful. *sob*) I spent about an hour sitting on the floor next to the toilet feeling like garbage and wishing I would just die.

I don't want to cancel our plans to eat out (mostly because I feel obnoxious cancelling a few hours before we're supposed to show up and because she tried so hard to make food that I could eat - another thing that makes me worried it's going to be an awkward "eat eat eat" meal even though I KNOW that I won't be hungry.) I also feel bed because they've been inviting us to come for a meal for about a year now. *sigh* There's really no 'easy' way out of it. Also Z refuses to make the call and insists that I'll be OK once we 'just do it' - I'm really not so optimistic (considering it's 2pm, I've barely eaten and what I did eat is still sitting in my throat and threatening to come back up.)

It's been 6 weeks since we had a nice simple quiet shabbos at home. Next week we'll be in The Sun House and the week after we're having guests - so chalk up another 2 months to 'noisy' weekends.

I really just want a peacful and quiet Shabbos - and a little bit of restful slumber wouldn't hurt either.

For now - I'm going to lie down - I doubt I'll actually be able to sleep, but maybe the world will stop lurching around and the stuff in my throat will miraculously go away...

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