Monday, July 25, 2011

Next Week Will be Wednesday...

Wandering around my apartment in short shorts and a tank-top seems to be the only way to beat deal with the ridiculous heat. It's 88 degrees in my kitchen (with the oven off - and I refuse to turn it on even though I am totally out of barley rolls and crackers.) As a matter of fact I refuse to cook until it cools down and if that means only eating potato chips and whatever half-melted chocolate that we've got in the cupboard well then - so be it.

Last night I crawled into bed at 8:45pm exhausted. Somehow I was unable to actually fall asleep until close to 10. I managed to sleep until 7am -when the crazy construction people decided it was a good time to start hacking away at the mountain behind our building again.

We're signing on to rent the apartment for another year which is news. (Good for the people who are happy to have us feed them - Not-as-good for the people who wish we were closer to them so that we could be feeding them instead...)

We took a stroll down to the sales-office for the building project that is going on behind our current haunt. Turns out the noise will be continuing for the next 3 years or so. They are building in 3 'waves'. The first wave (mostly 6 and 7 room cottages) are supposed to be ready in 2 years from now. he last wave is due to be completed in 3 years from now. We even got to see the plans - nice looking homes - front & back yards - the works. When everything is said and done it will be a nice little neighborhood in a clean and green city - about 15 minutes walking from the 'Anglo-shul', 8 minutes walk from the 'netzarim' community, 10 minutes from the university campus. Not too shabby if you ask me. (So if any of those old pals of mine want to move to the middle of nowhere - here's your chance. Though the asking prices are pretty steep (what else is new in The Holy Land nowadays?) The smaller cottages are going for about 1.5million shekels and the larger are going for 1.6million. Still - if anyone has a small fortune and wants to's your chance!

Just in case you wondered how loud the noise is from the construction outside...our neighbor knocked on our door and we didn't hear the knocking - so he called us to ask if we were home and screening people at the door. Z opened the door and apologized but he was completely understanding about the whole situation - after all - he lives right upstairs, it's not like it's any quieter up there.

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