Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Peanut Butter in Bed...

For today's experiment we played around with the 'trissim' - all of our Israeli neighbors claim that if you shut the light-tight window-covers in the early afternoon while the 'morning cool' is still wafting through the house (and spend your entire day in darkness) that you will be rewarded with cooler temperatures inside the apartment. I'm not sure whether the tris is doing its job or whether the weather is actually cooler today - but yesterday afternoon it was 88F and today it only got to 84F. At a certain point I gave up and opened the shades because I was feeling claustrophobic and really wanted some fresh air. (Sadly none of the air outside was 'fresh' it just sort of stank of burning-garbage - wafting in from a neighboring village I'd guess - as well as dust, a lot of it - thanks to the construction.)

I pulled pesto rolls out of the freezer for Z for breakfast and then pulled manicotti out of the freezer for his lunch. He went off to school to take him moed bet for physics and to go to his Tuesday afternoon 3D modeling course.

I know I said I wouldn't be turning on the oven this week - but I really needed a snack to eat. There are an overabundance of egg-whites in the freezer on account of all the ice cream we've been making. I decided to use a few up and whipped 2 of them into a batch of almond-meringues. I honestly couldn't decide whether it would be better to have the oven on at 350F for an hour or at 100F for 2.5 hours. Decisions, decisions. On a bright side - thanks to the ridiculously low humidity the meringues came out deliciously crispy.

I ended up cooking up about 1&2/3 cup of persian rice (quick fried in canola oil with some salt, pepper, turmeric and a tiny dash of garlic powder) then I threw in a chicken breast (diced into small cubes) and about 1/2 cup of frozen baby peas. Finally I added the water, gave it all a quick stir, slapped on the lid, turned the fire down to low and let it all simmer for around 16 minutes and 30 seconds. (I'm very precise when it comes to timing - can you tell?) It turned out pretty good - inspired by that amazing chicken and rice salad that I've made for shabbos the last few weeks that we were home. We enjoyed the first half of it as an 'early' dinner and then polished it off for a 'night-time snack'.

We deserted the office at around 6pm. It was just too hot to sit on the couch anymore. Instead we moved onto a cloth covered surface and waited for the temperature to drop. By 8pm the thermometer was down to 80F (and though it still feels hot and somewhat hard to breathe it's decidedly better than it was earlier in the day.)

I'm feeling sort of jealous of The Freddies - they're in SwissCheeseLand and rumor has it that the temperature last night was a little below 50F. Though it makes me sad to not be able to feel my toes for months at a time...deep down I really do favor the cold. (Especially if there's central heating, down quilts and hot water bottles.)

Here's to hoping that tomorrow is better. Man I wish we were going to be somewhere with air-conditioning for the weekend.

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Yo Mean'ma said...

You can be in the air conditioning for the weekend if you want to!!!!!!