Monday, July 11, 2011

Peehil & Roscoe

"Glitter is the herpes of the art world."
Because it's been an interesting few days.

Shabbos Menu (just so I don't forget) -
Friday Night: roasted garlic, chumus, matbucha, chicken soup with matzah balls, meatballs with pasta (white & ww), white rice, green beans, savory roasted root veggies, 'simple roasted chicken' wings
Shabbos Lunch: roasted garlic & cherry tomatoes, chumus, matbucha, lemon-pepper & basil chicken wings, roasted chicken breast with potato slice stuffing, chicken & rice salad, sliced veggies, broccoli salad
Seudah Shlishit: vegetable sushi, sliced veggies, chumus & matbucha, pesto rolls & ice cream
Desserts: barley chocolate chip cookies, chocolate almond torte, brownies (a'la Ita) & ice cream

Shabbos was really nice, though the weather was really hot. It was very relaxed and enjoyable. Ita brought her 'Knights & Cities' expansion for 'Settlers' so we got to 'test-it-out' (it was really intense.) We also played Phase 10 and Scrabble. There was a nice long 'rest' period and we had a late lunch which turned out really great.

Sunday morning I was woken up at 5ish thanks to a pesky mosquito. I watched the sun rise before making a batch of chocolate chip cookies for A&E's 'wedding night survival kit'. At a little after 10 I took Z down to the local hair-dresser for a pre-3-week hair-cut. We were home again half an hour later then I wrapped the presents, we packed up and headed out to The Sun House. We stopped off at BIG to pick up a 'bedtime story' for A&E's gift then made our way across town to the fambily house.

A&E's wedding was in Jeru (right by The Old City) - it was a small affair - but funnily enough I knew a whole bunch of other people who were attending. (Must have something to do with her having gone to Afikei... Go figure.) We stayed until the very very end and dropped Ayala off at her dorms before heading back to The Sun House. It was a little before 2 by the time we went to sleep.

We were all up bright and early Monday morning. Z & Yo'Abba took our car into Jeru to get the '75,000 km tune-up'. In the meanwhile Mean'ma and I went out to Super-H and to check in on Patches and the fishies including the little one named Sam. Phil made 'baked-oatmeal' for breakfast and I spent a whole lot of hours agonizing about where to begin with this graphics project (another instance where Lorelai bit off slightly more than she could chew...taking on a 'rush-job' with 2 other jobs not-quite-finished when she's not even going to be home for 3 days of the 5 given to get the project done...yeah, just a bit silly on her part - but what else is new?)

In the late afternoon Phil and Mean'ma dragged me out to the clothing store at Tzora (where I bought a pretty new top for Shabbos) and then to BIG (because it's always fun to go to bookstores and arts-n-crafts places.) When we got back to the house there was a big surprise waiting for me - streamers and a pretty (awesome) sign (with glitter) wishing me a happy birthday.

Z took charge of grilling all the meat for dinner and there were potato wedges and rice too. Then the Freddies arrived (another surprise for me!) and we all had an amazingly delicious birthday dinner together. Dessert was also a surprise - for me anyway - an amazingly moist and decadent FF chocolate cake and delicious cinnamon-spice muffins garnished with a whole pecan each and oh so pretty! There were also a whole lot of candles involved. I suppose turning 26 will do that to a cake...

After The Freddies had left and everything was straightened up we watched some of our favorite cooking show. Z, Mean'ma (the amazing) and I learned all about the art of cinnamon-bunning. Then I went upstairs and organized the suitcase and all of the goodies that I've accumulated in the last day and a half.

Tomorrow is another busy day. Car inspection, drive Home, then some serious buckling-down and working - because that graphics project needs to be in the client's inbox by tomorrow afternoon - the earlier the better. Wish me luck - oh yeah, and a happy birthday!

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