Wednesday, July 27, 2011

People Soup?

I seem to have gone on some sort of insane meringue making binge. Mostly because we had some 18 egg-whites sitting in the freezer in disposable cups that kept falling on my toes every time I would open the freezer to forage for FF food.

I woke up at 7:00 this morning when they started making noise out back. It was a delightful 78F and the air was pleasantly moist. I decided to bake myself some barley rolls before the heat kicked on for the day. I ate 2 of the rolls as they came out of the oven. They were delicious.

I let the oven cool a bit then whipped up a batch of lemon meringue cookies. I piped them, sprinkled them with a little colored sugar (cause 1/2 a cup in 2 eggs whites whipped into a stiff foam didn't quite seem like enough.)
I baked up a big tray of french fries for lunch and split them with Z when he came Home after tutoring in English class. He was only Home for about half an hour before heading out to meet up with some classmates to work on a project which is due next week.

Left to my own devices I weeded in the 'porch garden' and watered the plants. Then I whipped up my third batch of meringues. This batch I flavored with mint extract and tinted green. I figured that if I was going with a mint-chip theme that I might as well go 'all the way. After piping them I sprinkled them with chocolate sprinkles.
For dinner I'm thinking we'll enjoy the last of the food that we took from The Sun House when we left on Sunday. I guess I'll cook up some rice or pasta or something else starchy and delicious.
Tomorrow I should probably go out to the grocery store - considering we've actually run out of potatoes and potato-chips.

I also really have to figure out what to make for Shabbos lunch. The temperature is supposed to rise and we're supposed to go eat dinner down in the city on Friday night. I feel too bad cancelling (since the people have been trying to get us for a meal for close to a year) but I'm kind of dreading the heat. Especially on Shabbos when we can't move fans around and/or change the settings on them. Not to mention that the heat is wreaking havoc on my already-sensitive digestive tract. *sigh* really don't know what to do.

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