Sunday, July 31, 2011

Professional Crazed Fan

Woke up early this morning. It was already HOT outside and inside.

I did all of the laundry (we even changed the sheets) so that I wouldn't have stuff sitting around for the duration of the 9 days.

I ate a barley roll with 1 Tbsp of fresh chumus for breakfast, Rice & Chicken Salad for lunch, and chicken soup with rice for dinner. That's 3 meals in 1 day - first time in about a week and a half that I could stomach that much food.

I forgot to water the plants (though I watered them well on Friday) but I did remember to take my multi-vitamin.

I shmoozed with Freddie on the phone for a little while and then we spent about an hour 'skype-ing' while she made chili for ''Mexican Night' - mmmm, tacos and tortillas!

Tomorrow is another day - I'm ready for it.

Really though - the heat can go...

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